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  • That last Chanel bag is amazing!!!

  • Ebun

    you know what i love most about the new layout? those little shopping price tags. sometimes a girl just wants to know how much it costs right away before deciding whether to read more or not.

  • Ann

    I love large handbags. I love the ones she’s sporting esp.!

  • ah

    love her PS1s and Chanel <3

  • The CL tote is amazing! I’d take it over the crazy Miu Miu bag any day :)

  • lola

    Ohhhh the color of that burgundy PS……drool…………….

  • steph

    she even has a turquoise chanel bad to die for

  • Sam L

    LOVE the burgundy PS1!

  • elle

    the Olympia Le-Tan Milk Carton Crossbody isn’t something I’d personally wear, but props to her for pulling it off.

  • Kat

    Love emma watson’s bag collection!:>

  • Ann

    hi nice net

  • Puja

    Do you know if the burgundy suede PS1 will come back again in the PS collection or if they will ever come back with a burgundy suede bag?

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