When you’re carrying The Row Leather Backpack, it’s a foregone conclusion that your bag will be chicer than your husband’s. $3900 via Net-a-Porter.

In this photo, Alanis is quite pregnant and carrying a quite petite Chanel Classic Flap Bag in bright red. Contact Chanel for pricing information.

  • http://withloveshmon.wordpress.com/ monica

    who would’ve thought? She has QUITE a collection. love her :)
    she’s just too cool.


  • klynneann

    Love it. A girl after my own heart.

  • kate

    I love that she carries a variety of designers.  Love her

  • Seejay

    Wow, she has a nice variety. After your observation, I find my handbag collection is just as diverse because I just like bags! And my love for them has matured over the years in ways where I’m much more selective. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE Aanis since the beginning. She has the most beautiful voice & she’s cool–so not a diva.

  • http://www.PurseBlog.com/ Hilary Sloan

    I have to say, I’m pretty impressed! She was a style model for me as an angsty teen and now she is STILL a style role model – with sickkk designer bags!!

  • http://www.queenbeeofbeverlyhills.com/ Queen Bee of Beverly Hills

    Who knew Alanis Morissette had such fantastic taste in designer bags! 

  • Julie

    WHAT.EV.ER. haha. Words spoken from the mouth of a truly envious person lol. Oh to raid her closet!

  • pe.riche.

    Do you think she’d accept if I asked her for her hand in holy handbag matrimony?

  • Sue

    Does anyone know the size and color of her Hermes Evelyne?

    • http://www.ebuypurses.com/ Eveline Lam

       12.8″ x 12.5″ x 3.5″

  • Ruhee

    Love the collection.Very classy and tasteful….

  • Laura

    I love every single bag. I like she carries different designers but she might consider other colors and not only blacks, grays and neutrals. 

  • NNS

    Oh my goodness, who would have guessed?! I am impressed! Lovely bags, very nice style!

  • http://dontaskmetosmile.wordpress.com/ dontaskmetosmile

    I saw some of the Alanis posts on Bag That Style so I was familiar with some of her bags and was already impressed. And now this posts shows a whole lot more of her bags!!

    And I agree. She is like us! Not in the she-probably-has-a-bag-closet sense, but in the sense that she usually wears jeans, a shirt, a sweater and then some great arm candy. This is how probably 95% of us use and wear our bags. Victoria Beckham is fabulous and all, but her always-dressed-to-the-nines style is not something a majority of us can relate too. The woman wears sky high heels to watch her son’s football game for crying out loud.

    • http://www.ebuypurses.com/ Eveline Lam

      That can’t be right any more.

  • Debussy0

    But they’re all black…   where’s the danger in color?

  • Alifree

    I have loved her since high school and she has been such a role model in so many ways…I just found one more way :)

  • ElleOnWheelz

    A very nice collection of bags….three snaps up for Alanis.

  • Gardenia

    I have seen a picture of her with a Birkin, she surprises me, in a good way :)

  • Lilly

    Color me surprised, her collection is delicious.

  • Christine

    Ooh that YSL Caba ChYc is georgeous! I want to go see what other colors are avail. for this style. Hard to believe but I live in NY and don’t really care for the big black bag. Anyone know if there will be some nice blues that are in for this fall?

  • jennasside.com

    um way to gloss over the fact that Alanis is with CHER the queen of 90s (fictional) chYC in that pic…definitely have a grrrl crush

  • franceneaszzoof

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  • fashdash

    I love all her bags, but sadly it seems like all of these bags are wearing her instead of the other way around?! ;/

  • http://www.ebuypursesaaaa.com/ ebuypursesaaaa.com

    Does she only like black ?

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