You should know up front that Carey Mulligan looks slightly terrified in several of these photos; the paparazzi attention that comes with being a world-famous actress doesn’t agree with her, and she seems to avoid it. Luckily for us, the paps did get a few snaps of Carey and her bag collection for our looking pleasure, and since the country (or at least the fashion industry) is currently in the throes of an intense obsession with The Great Gatsby, it seemed only right to explore the handbag choices of Daisy Buchanan herself.

Carey’s collection includes more functional leather bags that Daisy’s probably would – we assume she’d be more of a sparkly-little-minaudiere girl – but there’s some good style inspiration for normal folks here. Based on the photos, that’s how I’d bet Carey sees herself, anyway.

Is it just me, or do you feel like we’ve been seeing more of Sienna Miller recently? After her romance with Jude Law finally came to an end, the American press seemed to lose a bit of its interest in her, and according to IMDB, she didn’t act in movies at all from 2009 to 2012 after working steadily for nearly a decade before that. Perhaps the tabloids got a little too close and Sienna needed a break, but it seems as though that vacation is over – she was in several movies that came out last year, and she’s been making the party circuit with her new fiancé in New York lately.

Considering all that, now seemed like the time to take a look back at all the interesting bags that Sienna’s carried over the years. As you might expect for someone with such a particular aesthetic, Sienna’s collection fits her personal style quite well. It also fits her nationality – she carries more British designers than anything else.

Eva Longoria isn’t a fashion star in the same way that some of the people we’ve profiled (like Miranda Kerr) are fashion stars, but she’s a celeb who knows exactly what she likes, has a very distinct personal style and rarely deviates from that. In my mind, that’s just as respectable as being in of-the-moment pieces at all times, if not more respectable – it takes backbone and a clear vision of how you want to dress. Naturally, that sense of style extends to her handbag collection as well.

Longoria’s collection contains mostly functional, reasonably neutral bags, but the place where it gets interesting is the brands she chooses – Eva seems to be as big a fan of Coach as she is Hermes, and not a lot of celebs can say that they take such an egalitarian approach to their wardrobes. Both brands (and all the brands in between) look right at home on Longoria’s arm because she obviously knows exactly the look she likes. If you like a celeb who doesn’t bow to trends, you’ll love this collection.

Although Bravo has done its best to put to rest rumors that The Rachel Zoe Project won’t be coming back for another season, we thought that now, the morning after Zoe’s Season Five finale, would be an appropriate time to take a look at The Many Bags of Rachel Zoe. As you all know, Zoe was a stylist long before she was a TV personality or owner of a fashion line, so she’s got one of the most well-stocked closets in the business.

If you’ve watched as much of The Rachel Zoe Project as I have, then you know what to exact going forward: a lot of black, a lot of Chanel and Hermes, and a lot of stuff that’ll make you want to go shopping immediately. Lately Rachel carries some of the handbags from her own line, of course, but she does keep it real with other designers’ bags as well. If there’s one thing I’ve learned for Zoe’s show, it’s that a girl always needs options.

While searching through pictures of sun-dappled celebs clad in their best boho finery at Coachella earlier this week, I found myself wondering why I had yet to take an in-depth look at the bag collection of Kate Bosworth. Then, of course, I remembered that I’m the one in charge of these things, and if I wanted to make this post happen, then I could just do it myself. So here we are! Kate Bosworth. Let’s do this. (more…)

Ever since I first started watching Modern Family, I’ve been hooked. The show is absolutely hilarious, and everyone I know can relate to different characters and situations. Furthermore, the amazingly hilarious and extraordinarily sexy Sofia Vergara is one of the stars, and I find myself both laughing uncontrollably at her antics and wondering how she can look that beautiful from every angle, in every outfit, no matter what.

The sexy Colombian actress also makes waves outside of her show, from her stunning red carpet choices to her everyday garb. It’s only fitting that Sofia has a great collection of bags as well, from Hermes Birkins to Chanel Classic Flaps to bright yellow Givenchy bags. So sit back and take a look at the many bags of Sofia Vergara.

Now that we have our fancy-schmancy new gallery system up and running, which provides the biggest, clearest images we’ve ever been able to give you on PurseBlog, it seemed only right that we exploit it with a truly fantastic celebrity bag wardrobe. Naturally, our minds turned to Victoria Beckham. Like the Olsens before her, she’s one of the only celebs to ever show enough knowledge about what makes a good bag to translate into an incredible accessories collection of her own. (more…)

For some reason, celebrities seem to love basketball above and beyond other sports. I have a theory on why that might be: Not only is the sport quite popular in both New York and Los Angeles, but the indoor, controlled environment in which the game is played allows celebs to dress up and look good because they know they’ll be photographed. That seems to be especially true of female basketball fans; we’ve noticed that everyone from Cameron Diaz to Kim Kardashian shows up at basketball games dressed to the nines, and more importantly, carrying great bags.

We’ve looked through the courtside seats of some of the country’s biggest NBA teams to find all the amazing handbags that celebs have toted to basketball games, and today, with the start of college basketball’s March Madness and the NBA playoffs on the horizon, seemed like an appropriate time to share our findings. Even if you don’t like the game, it might be worth it to get some Knicks or Lakers tickets just to bag-watch.

If you like weird pop culture things, you’re probably eagerly anticipating the release of Spring Breakers, a film directed by Harmony Korine that stars people as varied as Disney princess Selena Gomez and Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane (in his cinematic debut, no less). I happen to love weird pop culture things, so to celebrate the film, we’re going to take a look at the handbag collection of Vanessa Hudgens, who plays one of Gomez’s debauched friends in film. If you like fringe, you’re in the right place.

Vanessa’s personal style is pretty much All Coachella, All The Time; when left to her own devices, she generally looks like she’d rather be sitting in the California desert and listening to some live music than doing whatever it is she’s actually doing at the time. I can’t say I identify with it personally, but if you’ve got a bit of hippie chick in you, this one’s going to be right up your alley.

Brace yourself, kids: Nicky Hilton’s bag collection is about to make your head explode. You should probably ask friends and loved ones to move out of your immediate vicinity, lest they get any on them. If you don’t heed that warning, well, it’s not my fault. None of this is my fault. It’s all Ms. Hilton’s. I’m just a middle man. And I know what you’re thinking: Nicky Hilton? YES, THAT WAS MY REACTION TOO. I share in your incredulity.

Now that you’re all properly prepared like front-row attendees at a Gallagher show in the 70s, we can begin. Nicky Hilton has (and has been photographed with) basically every bag that’s been popular since I first became aware of designer handbags circa 2002. Every It Bag from the Chloe Paddington to the Celine Luggage Tote is represented here, plus a lot of other beautiful bags along the way. If you don’t believe me, I’ve got all the evidence you could ever need below.

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