It’s rare that we do a Many Bags feature on a celebrity that I’ve met before, mostly because I do not hobnob with celebrities on the regular (or ever). Olivia Palermo works with an events firm that used to be housed on the same floor as the PurseBlog offices, though, and I am here to tell you that she (and her handbag collection, which we first documented in December 2012) is absolutely lovely. Not only did she not mind that Bea and I accosted her to ask about her handbag when she was in the building one day, but she dished with us about it like a totally normal person. A totally normal person with flawless skin, but still. Below you’ll find all the pretty things that Olivia’s been carrying since the last time we checked in with her.

Without a doubt, one of the things I was most surprised by in 2013 was how much you guys loved The Many Bags of Hilary Duff – it was one of our most popular posts of the year! I was a little bit too old for Lizzie MacGuire, so I never developed much of a love for the Duffster, but I’m clearly in the minority. Now Hilary spends most of her time in Los Angeles doing pilates and taking adorable (seriously, adorable) baby Luca to Mommy and Me classes (or that’s what paparazzi pictures would lead you to believe at least), and she’s become the very definition of a stylish young mom. She does almost all of that with an awesome handbag in tow, and because Hilary’s taken a bit of a break from the spotlight, you can bet that it’s usually because it’s something she loves, not something she was given in order to garner publicity for a brand.

An odd exception to that rule seems to be a brand called Donnatienne. I’m not sure whether Hilary is friends with the owner, paid to carry them or something similar, but she’s carried the small, LA-based brand quite frequently in the past year, in addition to her favorites like Chanel, Goyard and Balenciaga. Take a look at Hilary’s most recent additions to her collection below.

Slowly but surely Reese Witherspoon has become something of a divisive figure for celebrity watchers. Some love her prim, slightly preppy style, while others take her distaste for paparazzi and a certain drunken arrest incident that you might remember as proof that she’s a little too much like one of her most memorable characters, Tracy Flick. Either way, we think you have to admit that her collection of handbags is one of the best in Hollywood, particularly if you love a good leather day bag.

Reese is no stranger to these parts – not only do we write about her bag choices regularly, but she’s already gotten the “Many Bags” treatment once. In the year since we last did that, Reese has carried more than 20 awesome bags. Check them out below!

Fashion loves Rita Ora, and the burgeoning British pop star seems to love fashion right back. Ora’s Rihanna-esque personal style perfectly straddles the divide between streetwear and luxury that the industry is exploring with gusto at the moment, which makes her exactly the kind of celebrity on whom brands want to see their clothes. One brand in particular, DKNY, wants to see them on her so badly that it tapped Ora to be the face of its Resort and Spring 2014 campaigns.

Rita’s brand partnership hasn’t stopped her from wearing and carrying clothes and bags from everyone from Versus to Chanel, though, and hers is quite the collection for such a young star. We looked back through a couple of years of Ora’s bag choices, and the results were impressive.

Love her or hate her, there are few people better at forcing their way into the public discourse right now than Miley Cyrus. The Disney-tween-superstar-turned-America’s-half-naked-twerking-princess has done quite the complete job making sure our eyes and ears can’t miss her right now, and with a fall record release schedule packed full of high-profile albums from people like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, it’s Miley who’s winning the media game, a fact you have to admit even if you’d like to see her sent into orbit. (Which is, incidentally, a thing that Lady Gaga is actually going to do pretty soon in an attempt to attract your eyeballs.)

We gave Miley the “Many Bags” treatment back when her transformation into her current self was in its infancy, but we figured that if she’s going to start employing vintage Chanel bags in her publicity stunts like she did over the weekend, then she’s earned a couple more moments of our consideration. Below, check out the bags Miley has carried since she got her infamous haircut.

While going through literally thousands of pictures of Alessandra Ambrosio yesterday, one thing struck me above all else: being Alessandra Ambrosio must be a pretty great gig. The Victoria’s Secret superstar has two beautiful children, a handsome husband and an enormously successful career predicated on her own innate attractiveness. On top of all that, she doesn’t seem to sweat the paparazzi nonsense too much, unlike some of the celebs we’ve profiled in the past. Alessandra’s taste in handbags more or less goes along with that attitude – laid back but luxurious, with lots of crossbody bags and options suitable for a mom of two young kids. If that mom is also a Brazilian lingerie model, anyway.

Kelly Ripa owns a weird little spot in my heart. I’m generally averse to morning show-style patter and generally avoid wakeup television except for the Charlie Rose-helmed CBS Morning Show. (In case you’ve always suspected that I’m a senior citizen masquerading as a 20-something New Yorker, there’s another piece of evidence for your conspiracy.) Every now and then, though, I stumble across Live with Kelly and Michael, and I’m struck by how warm, quick and funny Kelly is. She’s not a host I’d expect to like, but she wins me over within minutes every single time.

Kelly’s not as ardently followed by paparazzi as some of the folks that we feature, but because she lives in Soho and has a fancy media job, New York photogs do get their fair share of pictures of her. We went through those photos to come up with a summary of Kelly’s bag collection, and what we discovered is that Kelly is like a lot of us – she buys a nice bag and then uses it over and over again, until it’s worn out or she gets sick of it in favor of something new. Other than the tight workout regime, Ripa might be one of us, which is perhaps what makes her so totally likable in the first place.

It can be oddly easy to forget that stars are actually people. The vast majority of famous folks conduct their private lives in ways that aren’t all too unfamiliar – they decorate for the holidays, they take their kids to fun activities on the weekends, they gather up for family photos. There’s perhaps no better place on Earth to observe this phenomenon than the Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in West Hollywood, California. At Mr. Bones, you can see, be seen, pick out some pumpkins, play in a bounce house with your kid and get your photo taken by the paparazzi, all in one afternoon. (more…)

Here it is, folks. The one we’ve all been waiting for. None of the international fashion weeks attract mega-watt celebrities quite like Paris Fashion Week, and with brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton presenting in the French capital, you know that the handbags on the arms of the guests will be just as lust-worthy as it gets. Spring 2014 didn’t disappoint – from beginning to end, attendees toted their best, most photo-worthy bags, and luckily, photos were indeed taken. We’ve assembled the best of the best after the jump for your (and our) viewing pleasure. (more…)

The name “Fashion Week” is so misleading. A quick seven days of fancy clothes and we’re done and can move on, right? Please? NOPE. Fashion already has a warped sense of time (winter coats for sale in June, anyone?), and now we’re done with our third week of Fashion Week, this one in Italy. Milan Fashion Week has come and gone, but as with both New York and London before it, the full story of the event isn’t just what happens inside the shows. There’s a whole world of fashion going on outside as well, and that includes some people of varying levels of fame carrying handbags. Naturally, where there are people carrying bags, we are there to document it. Take a look at the best handbag moments from outside Milan’s Spring 2014 shows.

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