Like I said, Demi loves brand names but always picks something off the beaten path. With this totally funky colorful outfit, she opted for the Prada Vitello Shine Bowler Handbag in purple… [Shop Prada via Neiman Marcus]

  • AshleyG

    I kind of can’t stand Demi on The X-Factor but I think she is adorable and I like her bags- it looks as if she chooses them based on her own taste rather than on their “It bag” status.

    • Megs Mahoney Dusil

      To be honest, she isn’t my favorite on X-Factor either, not sure I agreed with what she ever said much – but yes I agree with you on choosing what she likes for herself!

    • pixiegirlie

      Me either I think she sabotaged all of her people. She spent too much time trying to create a image for them, instead of focusing on their vocals.

      I also agree with you on her choice of handbags, it’s kind of refreshing to see someone who isn’t following the heard.

  • Gerald

    The Damier is ebene :)

  • Nam

    horrible style and the ugliest bags collection ever

  • Kate

    She’s so pretty with the brown hair…no clue why she went blond! It doesn’t add to her look and the upkeep must be a pain for someone with naturally dark hair.

  • shop vogue


  • Olivia Jenkins

    The Givenchy hobo is awful…..

  • anouk

    it’s a LV Damier Ebene Berkeley. cut her some slack, she’s still finding her own style.
    PB,how about TMBO Charlize Theron’s?

  • Michelle Roan

    Thats Damier Ebene not Damier Azur… This is purseblog for heavens sakes!

  • lexakay

    kudos to demi for choosing bags to fit her personal taste, rather than buying them for their “it” status… but she has a way of cheapening the look of all of these bags. they just all look tacky and like something she picked out of the back of a van.

    • JJ

      not all of them! Considering they show her in a whole range of ages, styles and different times in her life you can’t say that of course she changed. She doesn’t make the Chanel, Pradas or clutches look cheap at all.

  • twitter-128187359

    love her brown hair.

  • neuh2

    so refreshing to see a celebrity doing her own thing and be different, can’t say i like all her bags,specially the LV monogram which i hate in all style and all colour (sorry).but it was really nice to see different kinds of bags from these designers, i was getting tired of seeing the same thing over n over n over again ( chanel )

  • Laura

    With the exception of the classic Chanel bag, I don’t like any of her bags. I must say, she has terrible taste!

  • JJ

    The gucci is gorg! I love the prada bag too…. The givenchy is ugly. THE SPARKLY CLUTCH I NEED!! Trust me the Louis is real ( She was 16, I think it is very appropriate for here at that age) It was fun and cute. I have that Stella bag and It’s amazing

  • asaiel

    her style speaks for her, I wouldn’t wear most of them but her choices are great and SO her, except the colourful LV, that one was horrible.

  • Demi

    Atleast the one who is bringing the bag was adorable..

  • Ally

    EW that Givenchy looks like a giant sparkly turd…

  • Ally

    Yep, I truly loathe her bag collection. Almost as much as I LOATHE that blonde dye job on her. She truly looks like a cheap, bloated Miami hooker. Girl, you need some help…

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