The Many Bags of Miranda Kerr Part 2

Since we started our The Many Bags of… series over a year ago, we’ve been making periodic mental note of the celebrities that we’d like to revisit for a second round. Some stars have simply been too bag-crazy for too long to do justice to them in one shot, and others, like supermodel and all-around perfect human being Miranda Kerr, have stepped up to the handbag plate so much in the past year that their bag choices in that time period totally eclipse whatever they had going on before that, no matter how good at was. (And in Kerr’s case, it was very good.)

Kerr has always been gorgeous and well-dressed, of course, but since we profiled her last June, she’s almost become super-human. Even when she’s headed to a regular ol’ business meeting and gets snapped by photographers on a grungy sidewalk, the photos often look like they could be from an ad campaign, given some color correction and the addition of a designer logo. She reminds me of a less retro, less rigid Dita Von Teese – a perfectly coiffed aesthetic superhero, always fighting (and winning) the good fight against frizzy hair and bad tailoring. Sending her a handbag must be the easiest decision in the world for a brand’s PR department – she’s going to make it look the best it can possibly look, no matter what. She’s Miranda Kerr. Below, her greatest hits from the past year.

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  • MK

    so i’m guessing you like miranda kerr? just a vague impression i may have gotten

    • sara

      who doesn’t?

  • ECoop

    Ugg. I think I will stay inside in my pajamas today.

  • anouk

    i like her collection.

  • Sarah


  • JJ

    Demi Lovato had that givenchy bag (the first one)

  • JJ

    DL also has the Valentino Grande Lock

  • Lilly

    She’s cute as a button, but overrated like her husband. The only bags on that list that I covet are the Viktor and Rolf, and the Burberry satchel. Love how she makes sure each bag is prominently photographed, lol,

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