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  • twirler

    yuck, hate her “style.” and how many people does she need carrying umbrellas for her??

  • Ashleyg

    I heart Jessica and (for the most part) her style. LOVE her shoes- we need a “many shoes of” on Talk Shoes :-)

  • Nouf

    Is the black structured bag Fendi 2jours?

  • Zala Yamato

    Man, she does love white! Love her coats!

  • AshleyK

    ugh, her bags are just as boring as she is.

  • Abbi

    What ever happened to those purse-onal posts? i really liked them…just seems like celeb gossip/reality tv gossip on here now :(

  • Sam L

    I love her!!! Her style is so classic and beautiful!

  • Not So Gentle Reader

    There’s something utterly annoying about a woman who can’t be bothered to carry her own umbrella.

    • anouk

      so true! victoria beckham doesn’t carry her own umbrella either! pfft!


    She never looks…bad, per se — but why is she dressed like she’s going to meet the Queen Mum in half of the pics? As for the bags, I actually am most impressed by her gorgeous coats! Her bags don’t really do it for me.

  • ackc1966

    I love her style and she looks the best she ever has.

  • FashionableLena

    That Oscar de la Renta bag is by far my favorite.

  • jess

    this is my only fav look and she’s rocking a prada probably the only expensive bag she owns …she needs a new stylist or

  • jess

    its dior that bag is on sale now for like $600 sad…. i need to shop for her i carrie better bags and I’m a guy

  • sealover

    Omg she has no sense of fashion at all.. that’s what a mad woman or old lady dresses like.. she’s beautiful though

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