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  • Steffi

    Love everything about the first outfit!

    • Kaly

      Her HAIR in that first pic is AMAZING, as well! ????

  • Sandy

    She does carry a wide selection and a range of price points! Some of them are less than appealing…others like the Boy bags and the Dior Addict are pretty wonderful!

  • Ellen

    Does anybody know where this bag is from? Sorry not related to the topic, but I’m crazy about this bag. Thanks a lot!!

    • n

      that is a saint laurent bag

      • Ellen

        Thank you! Is it available for purchase anywhere?

      • LL

        I purchased one from Neiman Marcus about a month ago. These bags were part of their designer sale so I don’t know if they have any left.

      • SamDuhigiyn

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      • james anderson

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      • marytrasnick

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      • melissa

        they are selling it on the tjmaxx website!!

        just scroll down until you see it. its on the third row from the bottom!!

      • Ellen

        Thank you!!! Just placed my order :)

  • Ana

    Love her bag collection. As always she just seems to look so naturally stylish.

  • Charlie

    She is not called a style icon for nothing

  • Lea

    Photo 12 kkkkkk

  • Cara M

    Love this, love her style. How about a throwback for many bags and do a
    many bags of the Sex and the City girls?? I’d love to look through pics
    and reminisce.

    • Jennifer

      Yes yes! It would be great to see which bags stood the test of time!

  • tbestes

    Not a Tila March bag—that’s Belstaff.

  • Rosa Lily

    Love her. Have always admired her style.

  • Panda

    She does not dress like Carrie at all.

  • It seems like she owns at least one bag from every major and smaller designer brand out there! Truly a patron of fashion.

  • klynneann

    LOVE the chunky grey cardigan she’s wearing in the photo with the Stella bag. Where’s that from? !

    • Kaly

      If you find out, let ME know–love it!!!!

  • Halim

    I would never thought to say this but as much as I love SJP, the whole gamut of things she wore and/or carry seemed too thought out. Allure should be the byword. Shock things a bit wearing a trucker cap (just saying). Disappear completely for a while. Natch

  • Love to see the Chanel Boy bag, it´s really cool and classic at the same time. It can go both ways when styling it with your outfit. Crazy rocked out, or the LBD!


  • kris

    Love that vegan bag. I also really like the green Lanvin one! My idea of the ultimate feminine, elegant and understated purse. I don’t know much about that brand though, what kind of image do they put forth? What’s their story?

  • nb

    The bag that you think is a Tila March bag (military green satchel) is by Belstaff.

  • Irene

    Her sunglasses! Does anybody knows?

  • Jayanti

    ladies you should check out cheap and cheerful and they deliver anywhere! :)

  • Lynn

    The colorful small snake bag is from Katherine Kwei.

  • jennifertdahlen

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  • Oxer

    This is Belstaff

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