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  • The only thing I like about this post is that Celine Calssic Box bag. The backpack is maybe by KTZ ( I know her T-shirt/Jersey certainly is )

  • eyda

    she makes even the most expensive bag look cheap :(


      Haters gonna hate.

      • eyda

        i have nothing against her really. it just goes to show that money can never buy taste / style

    • Erik Rapper

      while other jealous B*tches have nothing to make..

      • eyda

        and u r one of them perhaps?

  • twoturntables

    These bags really aren’t my style (except for that chanel weekender!-gimme!) . However, I have to say that they seem very young and fun. Perfect for Miley.

  • citizenlen

    first of all no one should wear a cross body bag with a short ass skirt and place the bag in front of your private. That gold celine cross body makes it look like she’s wearing a Scottish sporran aka that purse Scottish men wear in front of their kilt. Sorry she DOES NOT look edgy or rock n roll, more like a hillbilly trash. And there are hillbillies who actually look more decent than her.

  • She should have this one: or this one: SALE today at use codes 15OFFTODAY and FREESHIPPING at checkout <3 full refund if not satisfied for any reason. xoxo Colette :-)

  • Alexandra Bowman

    That dress in the last picture is EVERYTHINg.

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