The Many Bags of Miley Cyrus, Part Two

Love her or hate her, there are few people better at forcing their way into the public discourse right now than Miley Cyrus. The Disney-tween-superstar-turned-America’s-half-naked-twerking-princess has done quite the complete job making sure our eyes and ears can’t miss her right now, and with a fall record release schedule packed full of high-profile albums from people like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, it’s Miley who’s winning the media game, a fact you have to admit even if you’d like to see her sent into orbit. (Which is, incidentally, a thing that Lady Gaga is actually going to do pretty soon in an attempt to attract your eyeballs.)

We gave Miley the “Many Bags” treatment back when her transformation into her current self was in its infancy, but we figured that if she’s going to start employing vintage Chanel bags in her publicity stunts like she did over the weekend, then she’s earned a couple more moments of our consideration. Below, check out the bags Miley has carried since she got her infamous haircut.

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  • Petra B.

    The only thing I like about this post is that Celine Calssic Box bag. The backpack is maybe by KTZ ( I know her T-shirt/Jersey certainly is )

  • eyda

    she makes even the most expensive bag look cheap :(


      Haters gonna hate.

      • eyda

        i have nothing against her really. it just goes to show that money can never buy taste / style

    • Erik Rapper

      while other jealous B*tches have nothing to make..

      • eyda

        and u r one of them perhaps?

  • twoturntables

    These bags really aren’t my style (except for that chanel weekender!-gimme!) . However, I have to say that they seem very young and fun. Perfect for Miley.

  • citizenlen

    first of all no one should wear a cross body bag with a short ass skirt and place the bag in front of your private. That gold celine cross body makes it look like she’s wearing a Scottish sporran aka that purse Scottish men wear in front of their kilt. Sorry she DOES NOT look edgy or rock n roll, more like a hillbilly trash. And there are hillbillies who actually look more decent than her.


    She should have this one: or this one: SALE today at use codes 15OFFTODAY and FREESHIPPING at checkout <3 full refund if not satisfied for any reason. xoxo Colette :-)

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