The Many Bags of Lily Allen

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what it might be like to be one of Karl Lagerfeld’s special friends, a quick tour through the bag collection of British singer Lily Allen is pretty illuminating. Allen, with her signature mix of fashion world glam and filterless British grunge, is so beloved by Karl that she even starred in a Chanel handbag campaign a few years ago, and now that she’s back in the spotlight after getting married and having a couple of kiddos, we thought it was high time we looked into her collection, from her first days of post-MySpace fame to the present.

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  • FashionableLena

    I have always loved Lily’s style. What I wouldn’t gibe to have a peek into her closet.

  • Lilly

    Her posture/demeanor always screams insecurity to me. Sad really, she’s so pretty, way prettier than Kate Moss that she wishes she looked like. Anyway, I only like the eclectic bags, like the Chanel heart tote, jersey flap, metallic slip and boy brick. They seem more like her, the others are status crap every other celebutante has.

  • bananadelrey

    OMG in #11 she was pregnant, I did not know that when was this?

  • Amanda

    Her bag collection is fun! I love the ombré Chanel clutch!

  • Lydia

    I don’t like Lily’s style at all! It just says messy and un organized. She doesn’t deserve to wear Chanel in my opinion. But when you’re rich and famous you can wear whatever you want! I love her voice just not her personal style, yuck! However this is my opinion.

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