The Many Bags of Alessandra Ambrosio

While going through literally thousands of pictures of Alessandra Ambrosio yesterday, one thing struck me above all else: being Alessandra Ambrosio must be a pretty great gig. The Victoria’s Secret superstar has two beautiful children, a handsome husband and an enormously successful career predicated on her own innate attractiveness. On top of all that, she doesn’t seem to sweat the paparazzi nonsense too much, unlike some of the celebs we’ve profiled in the past. Alessandra’s taste in handbags more or less goes along with that attitude – laid back but luxurious, with lots of crossbody bags and options suitable for a mom of two young kids. If that mom is also a Brazilian lingerie model, anyway.

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  • Ingrid Kim

    Hmm the Celine luggage is the regular luggage; just super duper slouchy and broken in. The shoulder luggage had the straps stitched a bit further apart.

    Thanks Amanda for this looooong post of The Many Bags.. I love scrolling down a massive stockpile of gorgeous bags! AA & I seem to have very similar taste in bags =) Keep up the good work.

    • Amanda Mull

      Are you sure? The handles on my regular luggage were nowhere near that long!

      • Dylan

        Definitely a shoulder luggage.

  • LovethatLuxe

    The Many bags of…is the highlight of my Wednesday! Please do Kirsten Dunst! Also, the second Chloe Paraty (tan one) is actually the Marcie bag after further investigation.

    • Go_xabia

      You are right about the Marcie, and “the many bags…” A real treat! Thanks!

  • Go_xabia

    One of the best collections! I love it!

  • Cremebrulee

    Isn’t the tan “paraty” actually a Marcie?

  • Lilly

    Not impressed. A bunch of expensive bags with no personality, her outfits included. It makes me wonder, do these celebs. actually like the bags they carry, or do they do so because its free so they have to?

  • twoturntables

    I really liked her collection. A lot of these bags I would love to carry myself (expect the Stella-I can’t get behind that bag for some reason).

  • louch

    Where is her Hermes Garden Party? You’ve shown it heaps but I don’t see it here. It’s one of her faves.

  • Brandy

    I love her bags and jewelry as well:)

  • Sara

    She is always on the phone…

  • anouk

    i <3 her bags and Alessandra is so gorgeous and sooo normal except prolly for her bank account and crazy bod!

  • Ellie

    please do a secund of ale <3

  • Celine Buyjp

    Like her collection. And love her looks. She is a “skinny” classic ;)

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