The Many Bags of Kerry Washington

If you’ve been anywhere near your Twitter account on a recent Thursday evening, you might have noticed that basically everyone on Earth watches (and loves) Scandal. I’m hesitant to admit that I’ve never seen the show, but it’s the next thing up on my catch-up list after I get done re-watching The West Wing on Netflix, which is actually a fairly appropriate progression. In Scandal, Kerry Washington plays legendary Washington D.C. PR pro Olivia Pope, who’s charged with fixing all manner of political disaster before they ever become public.

Kerry also starred in Quentin Tarantino blockbuster Django Unchained, and between those two roles, she’s been making the red carpet rounds something fierce over the past year. Luckily for us, she’s not one of those stars who makes her handlers carry her bag while she poses for photos, not is she the type to carry the same plain, metallic clutch to every event. We’ve got a ton of Kerry’s best red carpet handbag moments, plus a few more casual looks, waiting for you below.

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  • Sandra

    So many clutches….I guess it is tacky to be photographed wearing the same one twice!

  • AshleyG

    Ok, so while I’m not a fan of nearly 90% of her bag choices (tiny clutches just don’t excite me), like Demi and Beyonce, It’s nice to see a star with endless access carry what they actually like rather than what was picked for them. I feel like Kerry actually went to a Tod’s, smooshed the leather together, and bought her bags…

  • Shayla

    Love this post! You guys are always up to speed on what’s going on. Now all you have to do is watch Scandal!

  • Fiona-Brasil

    Much ado about nothing…I would prefer a nice bag instead of all these clutches.

  • Melanie

    Love Kerry Washington and love Scandal. I hope Amanda recaps the show as shes one of my fav TV recappers. Also, Scandal is just beyond and fashion on that show is treated as just an important character as Kerry or Tony Goldwyn’s.

  • Nicole

    Given that the vast majority of these photos are of Kerry on the red carpet, it makes sense that the majority of the bags we see are clutches. If the paps followed Kerry the way they did some other celebs, I’m sure we’d see more of a varied bag collection (colors, sizes, etc). (Though I’m sure Kerry doesn’t want more paps following her, but she may not have a choice now as her star is definitely on the rise and this is her time).

  • kimmie

    Where is the view all option?

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