Before two weeks ago, I never had all that many thoughts about Katie Holmes. She’s beautiful, of course, and she seems extremely devoted to little Suri, who looks more and more like her Mini Me every day. A couple of months ago, I got caught in a Katie/Suri paparazzi scrum on my walk home from the grocery store, and it seemed to me at the time that living that kind of life must be very isolating, perhaps even dreadfully lonely. I didn’t fret about it for long, though; it’s hard to feel too much sympathy for the young, beautiful and incredibly wealthy.

And then, about two weeks ago, Katie Holmes staged a divorce-filing sneak attack full of the sort ballsy genius of which I had never previously assumed her capable. She came out with her metaphorical guns blazing against a husband that’s much more well-established and powerful than she is within their industry, and that’s no small thing. Not only that, but whatever dirt she had on noted crazyperson Tom Cruise must be insane if the prospect if it coming to light panicked his legal team so much that less than two weeks after filing, Katie has her requests met, her divorce papers signed, and her daughter safe in her care in New York. We doff our hats to the take-no-prisoners way she’s handled what could have been a mud-slinging mess while still getting her independence in a timely manner, and for that, we’d like to offer Ms. Holmes the greatest tribute we can provide in these parts: a look through her handbag collection, both past and present.

Let’s start with the present. In the time since her divorce was announced, Katie has been spotted everywhere carrying a simple woven leather tote bag with few, if any, distinguishing marks. The frayed edges and woven pattern indicate that it’s a Henry Beguelin Tote, but the pared-down look is something Katie’s come to embrace in the last year or so. You can shop Henry Beguelin via Neiman Marcus.

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  • Kemilia

    Kudus to Katie for getting out “alive,” I was surprised the marriage lasted as long as it did (and even more surprised at the super fast divorce) and I truely hope that things go smoothly for her and her little girl (she is such a mini-me!).

    And geez Louise, I had forgotten about that GIANT Birkin!! Whoa …

  • Jennifer Ley

    That’s not a Henry Beguelin, it’s a Henry Cuir (the husband side of the business) with the bicycle logo and they are available at Barney’s, not Neimans.  I can’t believe you got this wrong!

    • Amanda Mull

      I’ve only ever seen it identified elsewhere as Henry Beguelin, and the brand has been oddly mum about taking credit for it either way. I did a lot of searching on this bag, and unfortunately the Cuir bags are almost impossible to find information about online. Barneys website doesn’t carry them any longer, only the shoes, and the Cuir website, such that it is, features nothing that looks like this. The Beguelin bags were a closer match, so considering the other identifications we’d found, we went with Beguelin.

  • Brigitta

    I read that Katie’s Dad is a divorce lawyer.  I’m sure he gave her great advice to get rid of that nut job husband.  

  • Musette

    While I adore nearly all the bags she is carrying in these photos, I wonder what in the world she is hauling around?  She has a car/driver and most probably an assistant lurking about somewhere – is this just a bigger version of Queen Elizabeth’s omnipresent handbag ( btw, when are you going to get a peek into THAT handbag, purseblog?  Can you imagine?)

  • Dawne at D Magazine

    I love that she got out of her marriage.  That took guts!  Hooray for you, Katie!

    Love her bags too, of course.  I remember seeing a pic of her with a HUGE red Birkin that she was obviously using as a diaper bag!  Awesome.  

  • Dawne at D Magazine

    Love the Missoni scarf also.  I’ve been “into” those lately!

  • Dawne at D Magazine

    I love the way she’s smiling there.  Adorbs!

  • Purseloco

    Katie has a clean fresh look, like Jackie O. I hope she never gets plastic surgery it would mess up her natural beauty.  Love all of her bags and outfits.

  • nnenna1881

    She looked so fresh with the short hair. i hope she shops off her hair again. i am not a fan of her bag collection. Its just too all over the place for me…

    now please do a Victoria beckham bag collections sans her own line…and birkins…that should be fun

  • Tefi Mendoza

    we love the white tote from Alextra! Great work…

  • Chris

    what about the Lanvin Happy flap in Chevron Mastic in the pic on page 9 along with the H Birkin, now that’s a bag that can steal the spotlight of a B!

  • Reality Junkie

    I also never thought much of Katie-literally or figuratively. You are SO right, Amanda- for her to blindside someone as powerful in the film industry as Cruise, to publicly humiliate him, and then pretty much get what she wanted (seemingly) without a fight…she must have CRAZY Dirt on that guy. Never liked him anyway, so good for Katie! I am so glad that she wasn’t brainwashed and overpowered by that pretentious, narcissistic ass.

  • Olgadavidov5

    i  like all of thos bags

  • Olgadavidov5

    this one is the bast

  • Grace

    I’ve always loved Katie’s style and bag choices. Good for her that the divorce wasn’t too messy :-)

    • fra

       can i fins a similar look-like less expensive bag?? i love this bag..but it’s too much expensive for me..anyone can help me to find out one similar?? Thank you!!

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