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  • Love her bags. especially the Chanel ones. and lastly, Josh Jackson…. drool..

  • fyun

    And he reached the door to open for her…..what a gentelman :) I love Josh!

  • weaslgrl

    The bags are great, but the most spectacular thing on her arm by far is Josh!

  • mlle p

    I have been inches away from Joshua Jackson at a boutique and he is even cuter in person and very tall.

  • Melanie H

    I always remember Joshua Jackson in “The Mighty Ducks” first, and then Pacey. Maybe I didn’t watch enough Dawsons Creek. BTW, bag drool!

  • crazybaglady

    Diane looks absolutely stunning in her Prada & Chanel dresses- wow. What a handsome couple!

  • Flaw

    I think that´s her Hermes Constance inside the maybe-Chanel straw basket in photo 23

    • it is a Constance bag but the basket is not Chanel, at least not from 2010, which was heavily embellished and it had another shape

  • Oliana-starbags

    She is one very stylish lady!

  • Such an elegant woman, love her taste point.

  • Loveable

    Her best accessory is Joshua Jackson… just kidding! I love her Chanel collection.

  • kay

    please do a many bags post on dita von teese!

  • citizenlen

    I always love Diane’s acting, but her fashion style is very boring. Please tell me she did not pay $2k for that straw basket that you can get at Michael’s for $10.

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