The Many Bags of Beyonce

With her documentary Beyonce: Life is But a Dream debuting on HBO this Saturday and her barnstorming Super Bowl halftime performance still fresh in the minds of almost everyone, today seemed like a fitting occasion to pay bag tribute to the one and only Beyonce. With the entourage that rolls with her and Jay-Z, though, I’m surprised that Queen Bey still deigns to carry her own bag from time to time. Surprised, but glad.

I’m also surprised by the sheer diversity of the bags that Beyonce carries. She doesn’t repeat designers nearly as often as almost everyone else we’ve profiled in one of these features, and her choices vary by price point as much as they tend to vary by brand. In Beyonce’s bag closet, there’s probably a little something to make everyone happy. I’d expect nothing less.

Because Beyonce’s bags are so varied, I figured we’d start with the only brand that appeared more than twice – Alexander Wang. In fact, Bey loves her Alexander Wang Marti Backpack so much that she has it in two colors. First, blue. Pick up the yellow version for $895 via Neiman Marcus.

To balance the blue, Beyonce also has the Alexander Wang Marti Backpack in bright pink. Get it in yellow for $895 via Neiman Marcus.

Beyonce rounds out her collection with a black Alexander Wang Devore Bag. Shop Alexander Wang via ShopBop.

Beyonce carries bags from contemporary designers more regularly than any other star I’ve seen with her stature and unlimited resources. Here, she’s toting the fan-favorite Diane von Furstenberg Stephanie Hobo. Buy through ShopBop for $875.

More recently, we caught Beyonce carrying the Diane von Furstenberg 440 Tote. Buy through ShopBop for $895.

One thing that impresses me about Beyonce is that she looks just as at home dressed to the nines and carrying a five-figure bag as she does with something that cost a couple hundred bucks. Here, she’s toting a coveted Hermes Crocodile Birkin.

Somehow, but who needs a croc Birkin when you have a Kate Spade Tuxedo Hill Nadine Satchel? (She looks happier with the Kate Spade, quite honestly.) Shop Kate Spade via Nordstrom.

And straight back to Hermes, this time with a pretty orange-pink Hermes Kelly.

Just when you think you’ve figured out Beyonce’s pattern, she throws in a bag that’s totally out of left field, like the Gianmarco Lorenzi Military Bag.

And then we’re straight back to something that all stars seem to love, like the Balenciaga Day Bag. Pick up a similar blue Day Bag for $1,145 via Neiman Marcus.

Is this some sort of super-early version of the Givenchy Antigona? This picture is from a few years ago, and the bag has Antigona handles and an Antigona strap attachment, but it’s more of a soft tote. Some sort of sample straight from the brand that wasn’t produced, perhaps? Who knows. All that matters is that Beyonce is carrying it on a yacht. You can pick up the most recent incarnation of the Antigona for $2,405 via Bergdorf Goodman.

Any star needs a good arsenal of clutches for events, and Beyonce’s definitely got ‘em, starting with this Alexander McQueen DeManta Clutch. Pick up a printed DeManta for $525 via Net-a-Porter.

This little Fendi Runway Clutch isn’t too shabby either. Shop Fendi via Neiman Marcus.

One pattern I’ve noticed is that Beyonce tends to like things that are a bit loud, like the Dolce & Gabbana Miss Pocket Patchwork Bag. Shop Dolce & Gabbana via Luisa Via Roma.

This Valentino Crystal-Embellished Tote is also no shrinking violet. Shop Valentino via Neiman Marcus.

Naturally, Versace is the king of flash, so Beyonce has a little bit of Versace in her closet by way of the Versace Vintage Gianne Versace Couture Bag. Shop Versace via Net-a-Porter.

But just like that, Beyonce can snap straight back to basics, like the Bottega Veneta Brick Tote. Shop Bottega Veneta via Net-a-Porter.

This Balmain Busy Frame-Top Satchel might be black, but I wouldn’t exactly call it basic.

This Jimmy Choo Rosalie Snakeskin Bag might be the most enormous Jimmy Choo bag I’ve ever seen. Shop a smaller version for $1,525 via Nordstrom.

Beyonce is the queen of the unexpected handbag, and this MCM Heritage Logo Satchel is exactly that. Shop MCM via Bloomingdale’s.

Remember what I said about Beyonce and her super-bold bags? Check out this Prada Nappa Fringe Satchel. Pick up this slightly more demure Prada fringe tote for $2,695 via Neiman Marcus.

Every star has a little Chanel in her closet, of course. For Beyonce, it’s the Chanel Lucky Charms Flap Bag.

I don’t think that Beyonce is the prototypical Burberry customer, but she looks good with this Burberry Prorsum Raffia and Leather Bag. Shop Burberry via Net-a-Porter.

Perhaps the bag that Beyonce is most famous for carrying is the Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag. It retailed for over $45,000 and, at the time, claimed to be the most expensive handbag in the world.

Beyonce’s Louis Vuitton Logo Embossed Leather Satchel is one of my favorites from her collection. Know the bag’s exact name? Help us out in the comments.

Ultimately, though, Beyonce seems to mostly prefer bags that are accessible to more people than you’d think. The blue embossed croc of this Tory Burch 797 Satchel is stunning. Pick up a blue 797 for $495 via Nordstrom.

  • Joseph

    The unidentified Vuitton is the exotic Motard Biker bag from Fall/Winter 2007. Scarlett Johansson modeled in the ad campaign for it. It was available in a few colors

    • Amanda Mull

      The encyclopedic knowledge of Vuitton fans never ceases to amaze me.

  • Trenda

    OMG…I was just thinking when are they going to a post on Beyonce’s bags. YOU RD MY MIND :)

  • Saymama

    Not a lot of bag envy for me, surprisingly. I find her taste in bags rather loud. But cool collection nonetheless.

  • Karen Smith

    LURVEEE the A.wangs (esp the martis)

  • lola

    I kinda like her collection. It has personnality. It’s not about showing off your latest Hermes or Celine.

  • Pandora

    Every time I see a Birkin I think hmmm…..I could buy one Birkin or the entire Dooney collection. The Hermes is beautiful but I’ll take the Dooney collection…..

  • kemilia

    Like Amanda said about one of the bags, she can buy any bag she wants and does so. It doesn’t have to be a Birkin to make her smile.

  • Sandra

    I do like the fact that she carries what she likes, they are not all status symbols but her taste no matter the price range.

  • LoveMeSomeBeyonce

    I’ve been waiting for this post! Not so crazy about her bags but they look great on her. She is so so so beautiful!!! *SIGH* Jay-z is one lucky fella.

  • AshleyG

    For some reasons, some of the wacky bags in Bey’s collection make me love her even more! And why is she so freakin gorge?!

  • medina

    The Tory Burch is identified as croc embossed. This is incorrect, the bag Beyonce is holding is in fact the 797 Crocodile Satchel, but it was produced in genuine crocodile and it retailed for $7,950. There was an embossed alternative, but this one isn’t it. :)

  • AMDG

    Not feeling any bag envy, but then I’m not really a fan of her style in general. Her choices seem to be loud and uninspiring at the same time.

  • Katja (

    Exotic Beyonce, exotic bags…

  • abbi

    id be interested in Angelina Jolies bag collection-havnt heard much of her lately but could be interesting?

  • Rashida

    She has her own unique style and she wears what she likes. I the world of her.

  • LustForBirkins

    Not a fan of any of her bags, i don’t really like her style at all, i feel like it’s just rather loud and cheap looking. I know it sounds rude, but with the millions of dollars she earns, one would have thought that she could put together a decent outfit.

  • fragrantjasmine

    Her choices are wacky, loud and dare I say.. ghetto fabulous. That’s Beyonce though! Her outfits could use a bit of work though. Some look very I’ll fitting and poorly matched. She’s stunning anyway. Her skin is always so glowing and flawless.

  • Try

    I looked at the pictures of her bags here and was trying to figure out what it is that I don’t like about the look.i realized I actually like some of the wacky tacky bags but if you look at the bag w.each outfit none of them go and I think that’s the problem .she is not good at assembling

  • Pandora

    It is nice to see Beyoncé smile. : ) I’m loving her orange handbag! Check out ours for a lot less

  • Got Briefcases

    she definitely carry’s bags she likes and not just the most “societal” version of style or fashion…and that’s what makes her a fashion icon.

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