Tumi Laptop Carrier

Tumi have been providing their quality travel gear to to affluent, globe-trotting frequent travelers for over thirty years. In recent past, they’ve expanded their collection by shneezy female gear, including the sleek, elegant Laptop Carrier. The light $125 bag comes in the four depicted colors and black, and impresses with tons of clever features. Time to dump the backpack as laptop gear of choice.

  • billyjoe

    hmmm… they should modify the colors

  • Cynthia

    i really like your designs! they are really cool! i am about to order one! i am probably gonna get a pink one! thanks for the great choices!!

  • Courtney

    I agree about the colors comment. I have purchased Tumi before for their impeccable quality. But I can’t carry any of those colors every day. Not only are they unprofessional, they wouldn’t match any of my work attire.

  • Naggy

    Wow, this is way too “school kid”. (ipad)

  • KY

    I don’t like the colors very much. (ipad)