Sony PSP Case

The good folks over at Gizmodo may no agree with me, but I find the cherry blossomed ‘Sakura’ PSP case very appealing. I really dig the pink! Ok, maybe it’s just the hentai-comic-lovin’, Hello Kitty-adoring asian girl in me that giggles over this poach like a slot-eyed toon from the land of the rising sun, afterall. Gasp. Either way, the product page can be found here. If my Japanese was any better, I’d tell you something about it. But it’s not. In the meantime, I will just praise baby buddah and hope that this gadget will hit the US market sometime soon.

  • billyjoe


  • sarah_doll

    oh i want one… :(

  • download photoshop for free

    Personally I agree with you on most of your opinions, this time is no exception. Keep it up! ;)

  • christie

    Where can I buy one of these?? I clicked the link and it was no where to be found..PLease help..

  • Kelly

    I have a thin black DKNY “polished” looking leather open on the top double handled purse. White stitching around top and sides. Very thin purse. Open top with only an inside snap for closure. Skinny handles.
    Does anyone one know it’s value?
    Many thanks if anyone can give me a clue.

  • Mimi

    Awwwsome! I have a PSP and now I want this case!! :shock:


  • Naggy

    I could never mistreat such a precious electronic by putting on something that ugly on it. (ipad)

  • KY

    I want a PSP and this case! (ipad)

  • sotwgtz

    Pink Sakura Sony PSP Poach – PurseBlog