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Valextra Handbags

The new Valextra bags brilliantly exhibit sophisticated shapes with clean lines and excellent luxe materials. Minimalism at its finest. New for fall of 05.

Sony PSP Case

The good folks over at Gizmodo may no agree with me, but I find the cherry blossomed ‘Sakura’ PSP case very appealing. I really dig the pink! Ok, maybe it’s just the hentai-comic-lovin’, Hello Kitty-adoring asian girl in me that giggles over this poach like a slot-eyed toon from the land of the rising sun, afterall. Gasp. Either way, the product page can be found here. If my Japanese was any better, I’d tell you something about it. But it’s not. In the meantime, I will just praise baby buddah and hope that this gadget will hit the US market sometime soon.

Tumi Laptop Carrier

Tumi have been providing their quality travel gear to to affluent, globe-trotting frequent travelers for over thirty years. In recent past, they’ve expanded their collection by shneezy female gear, including the sleek, elegant Laptop Carrier. The light $125 bag comes in the four depicted colors and black, and impresses with tons of clever features. Time to dump the backpack as laptop gear of choice.

The Bag Lady has a nice roundup on some very chic laptop bags for the ladies. Although it’s a UK-based site, it’s nice to see what’s out there – and most of the stores do ship to the US as well.

Juicy Couture iPod Mini CaseWe’re in for a Juicy weekend. The PB machine doesn’t stay still, we’re about to brighten your early spring sunday with some glamorous Juiciness! Resident blogger Meggers is a passionate Juicy Couture admirer, she won’t hold back paying hard-earned dollars for overpriced velour and terry gear – ‘cuz afterall, it’s all about the LOVE JUICY!

Following our prior iPod case roundup, we found another gorgeous little case for your iPod Mini. Juicy Couture’s very own Mini iPod Case features a chic leather shell that totes your player tight and in style. Juicy’s very own forged brand ‘J’ dangles lustfully off its side, while a clear plastic screen shields the display from nasty scratches. The case comes only in the pictured cherry-red color and goes for $58 at Nordstrom.

In 2004, the iPod had become the ubiquitous gadget to have. You went photo, your mom went pink mini and even your dog does not go on a walk without his shuffle wrapped around his neck. So how do you set yourself apart from the rest of the trendy pack? Pick a cover that will stress your individual style. The Purse Blog hence compiled a totally stylicious roundup of six ostentatious iPod cases for ya. (more…)

Poire Phone PouchThese cute lil’ pouchy things are Japan’s slick contribution to the worldwide boom to keep your tech gear in style! The nippon import comes in a vast variety of colors and themes (the elephant one being my absolute fave) and costs a mere $10 at the MimmoBaby store.

Grab your fashionable Razor cell, stuff it in the pouch, hook it to your belt or purse (no, it’s not supposed to be worn on your pinky), and off you go. Why carry all your misc. belongings in style when you can treat your cell special, too. Afterall, we all have the cell-o-philiac in us.

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