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We’ve seen a lot of minis, micros, nanos and so forth in recent weeks, as well as an ample helping of oversized designer totes. This week, we have all of that, plus a man bag …


A lot of celebs did most of their moving and shaking outfitted in athleisure last week, while others hit the press trail in their designer best. Which reminds me: we are staring down the barrel …


Some trends are impossible to miss or ignore (remember when everything was neon in, like, 2012?), but others are so understated that they might slip right under your radar unless you spend as much time …

This design has felt like the perfect roomy, casual day option since its arrival last season, and we're stoked to see it made anew in rich, all-season tan leather. The Row Duplex Hobo $2,650 0 Comments Read More

The designer fashion world is not often a place that adheres to the old adage about less being more, but when it comes to leather goods, sometimes it’s true. Bags designed to be sleek are …


Celebrities are making the most of the waning days of summer. They have their obligations, of course–grocery shopping, brunch, the VMAs–but they look picture perfect whatever they do, and their handbag picks this week are …


This summer we saw unassuming new handbag styles from Tod’s and MCM turn into bonafide hits. A certain Versace style also finally took off, and the ongoing Gucci renaissance ensured that we saw almost as …

Buzz Worthy

It wasn’t so long ago that $1,500 was a sweet spot for designer bags. In the mid-2000s, sough-after bags like the Chloé Paddington retailed for prices near that magic number, and even as recently as …

Buzz Worthy

Even though it seems like handbags get more and more expensive every season, there’s at least a bit of evidence that prices are leveling out at some levels of the market. Rare Hermès Birkins may …


Fall is fast approaching, and perhaps for that very reason, celebs are getting a little adventurous with their handbag choices. This roundup is pretty evenly split between classic black leather bags from Fendi, Chanel and …


Yes, it’s true: the Earth has almost completed a full rotation since Kylie Jenner‘s last birthday. Her nineteenth was a more low-key affair than her last, and she celebrated it a full week early, for …


Last week, Real Housewives lunched together, up-and-coming supermodels dined together, Eva Longoria packed a Birkin and got out of Dodge, and several of our most glamorous celebs promoted their multiple movies or TV shows. (Because …

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