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We are all in for a treat today, because it’s Paris Couture Week and our photo service is flooded with photos of the celebs that really matter: the fashion editors, of course. Maybe Esther Quek isn’t a household name yet (or as much of a household name as an Anna Dello Russo might be), but you’re going to want to start paying attention to what she has to wear and what she has to say.


I can’t say anything about Mondays that a thousand memes haven’t already said for me, but I know this: you are probably sitting at your desk right now, in desperate need of distraction. Well, discreetly click right this way, ladies and gentlemen.


And to think, mere days ago I was lamenting that celebrities go into hibernation around this time of the year. Yet here they are, out in force, doing all the same things that you love to do with your family during the holidays.

Models and Celine Bags

While the brand’s popularity has undoubtedly ebbed since an event that I will refer to as Peak Phantom Luggage Tote, models still have lots of love for their treasured Céline bags. Models across the US were seen carrying Céline bags in droves this week; when they weren’t carrying Saint Laurent, of course.

Celebrities carrying designer handbags at Paris Fashion Week

Last week, we spotlighted what celebrities and fashion people were carrying to attend the Chanel Fall 2013 show (shocker: lots of Chanel), but its far from the only show that attracts stars and their handbags at Paris Fashion Week.

Celebrities carrying Chanel at the Chanel Fall 2013 show in Paris

Almost every brand invites celebrities to their fashion week shows, but only the savviest of brands know how to turn those celeb arrivals into a true marketing opportunity. Chanel, naturally, is among those smart companies that makes the most of their seasonal shows by turning them into the chic media events that most designers wish they could pull off.

Jessica Chastain arrives to 'The Heiress' on Broadway in NYC

I’ve been watching Jessica Chastain like a hawk ever since the buzz for awards season started, and I have yet to see her take a single fashion misstep. Every bag choice, dress choice, sunglasses choice, and obviously, boot choice, is impeccable.

Belstaff Wimbourne Clutch

It seems so hard to pop into the handbag world out of nowhere and grab hold of enough attention to get things going, but sometimes designers manage to make that happen; at the moment, Belstaff is on a roll.

Jessica Chastain carries an Alexander McQueen Heroine Satchel
Alexander McQueen

You know someone’s star is gaining momentum when they’re photographed week after week with a brand new, uber covetable designer bag on their arm. Jessica Chastain is making yet another appearance on PB this week, and this time she’s carrying the oxblood Alexander McQueen Heroine Bag.

The Many Bags of Jessica Chastain

Just like last week, we’re using the busy holiday travel time to take a look at an actress whose rapidly rising star is second only to her rapidly expanding bag collection. Jessica Chastain may not be a household name quite yet, but with the amount of praise she’s received for her roles in films like The Help and the just-released Zero Dark Thirty, it won’t be long.


Ok, Purseblog readers – impromptu pop quiz! We have a mammoth-sized mystery bag on our hands. Here’s Jessica Chastain, goading us with her fabulous designer find of unknown origin. The handles remind us of Givenchy. The silhouette reminds us of Dolce & Gabbana.

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