Coach’s new Borough bags are HUGE right now – but they’re also very small. Case in point: here’s January Jones, leaving a CVS in LA in a bit of a huff, carrying a Coach Mini Borough Bag. We saw SJP carrying the full-size Coach Borough Bag a couple weeks ago. Even before its official release, the Borough bag had already found its way into many celeb hands, and we have no doubt that the mini will do the same. You can get January’s exact “Oxblood” mini Borough in supple pebbled leather for $378 at Coach.

You can examine the full Coach Borough bag line-up in this extensive pictorial post we presented last week. January has quite varied taste in handbags – she lays claim to a wide assortment of handbags at both ends of the designer pricing spectrum, so the Borough bag fits in well with the rest of her collection, which you can peruse at length in “The Many Bags of January Jones”.

Coach has always been a quintessentially New York brand, with both its historical roots and current business operation on the island of Manhattan, and for Fall 2013, Coach’s association with the city is only getting closer. Not only is the brand launching the celeb-beloved, much-anticipated Coach Borough Bag, but to celebrate the line’s launch, the company has been following the #CoachNewYorkStories of city residents like Karlie Kloss and Will Chalker.

Coach gave us the opportunity to illustrate some of the most important parts of the PurseBlog team’s lives in New York with the beautiful Borough Bags, and we just couldn’t resist the opportunity. Also, if you’ve been waiting for Coach’s next-big-thing Borough Bags with baited breath, your wait is over: they’ve arrived for your shopping pleasure at

Most of our days start with the subway, but sometimes, you just have to hail a cab and let someone drive you to the office.

The Coach Borough Bag in Polished Calfskin $598 via Coach

The Coach Borough Bag Lives a Day In the Life of PurseBlog's New York Story (10)

The Coach Borough Bag in Leopard $1,198 via Coach

The Coach Borough Bag Lives a Day In the Life of PurseBlog's New York Story (9)

The Coach Mini Borough Bag in Pebbled Leather $378 via Coach

The Coach Borough Bag Lives a Day In the Life of PurseBlog's New York Story (11)

The Coach Borough Bag in Polished Calfskin $598 via Coach

The Coach Borough Bag Lives a Day In the Life of PurseBlog's New York Story (8)

Midtown Manhattan is so energetic and overwhelming that our clothes, bags and accessories feel like chic body armor sometimes.

The Coach Borough Bag in Leopard $1,198 via Coach

The Coach Borough Bag Lives a Day In the Life of PurseBlog's New York Story (12)

Inside the office, it’s important to take a little bit of time to play games.

The Coach Mini Borough Bag in Pebbled Leather $378 via Coach

The Coach Borough Bag Lives a Day In the Life of PurseBlog's New York Story (13)

What a lot of visitors to New York City might not realize is that right outside of town, New York has a bounty of natural beauty to offer.

The Coach Borough Bag in Leopard, $1,198 via Coach

The Coach Borough Bag Lives a Day In the Life of PurseBlog's New York Story (2)

The Coach Borough Bag in Leopard $1,198 via Coach

The Coach Mini Borough Bag in Pebbled Leather $378 via Coach

The Coach Large Borough Bag in Pebbled Leather $798 via Coach

The Coach Borough Bag Lives a Day In the Life of PurseBlog's New York Story (6)

Yes, there’s even a pumpkin patch or two, perfect for celebrating a beautiful fall weekend.

The Coach Large Borough Bag in Pebbled Leather $798 via Coach

The Coach Borough Bag Lives a Day In the Life of PurseBlog's New York Story (1) 34-15

If you’ve been hoping that American handbag stalwart Coach would do things a little bit differently, your time has come. Last week, we got a peek at the Fall 2013 version of the Coach Borough Bag (that should be landing at any minute now) on the arm of none other than accessories tastemaker Sarah Jessica Parker, and now Coach Spring 2014 reveals that the new design will be the foundation of its forthcoming season.

I still can’t get over how little the Borough Bag looks like a “Coach bag” in the traditional sense. Even when Coach makes a really great bag, the design tends to always be clearly underpinned by details and designs from the company’s design history. Heritage is important, of course, but with a brand that elicits the kind of strong opinions (both negative and positive) that Coach does, displaying a little bit of creative dexterity can mean all the difference in expanding your market. In fact, that’s the lesson that Louis Vuitton is learning right now.

The modern, practical Borough Bags, in all their sizes and colors, are the clear winners of the season for Coach, and the line also includes a bunch of roomy totes and a few surprisingly sophisticated dome satchels. To check out all the bags from Coach’s preview, which will be available by early 2014, check out our gallery below. To shop Coach’s current selection, head on over to

Here’s Sarah Jessica Parker in NYC with her kids, carrying an as-yet-unreleased Coach Borough Bag. The Borough collection is brand new for Fall 2013 for Coach, and even though it’s not out yet, it should be available soon. This collection has a noticeably more modern and sleek vibe than most other Coach bags of the very recent past, and seems decidedly less, well, Coach-y. While you bide your time waiting for this invigorating new collection to drop, you can shop Coach online, of course.

The Purseblog team should have more info about the Borough collection available to our readers on the blog next week! Coach has done an extremely skillful job placing these new bags in the hands of the right celebs thus far: Karlie Kloss, Lea Michele and model Liu Wen have all recently been seen carrying bags from the Borough line. There’s scarcely a better way to drum up excitement for a new line of bags, and we’re excited.

We love any collaboration that yields gorgeous bags, but Coach + Billy Reid, which is brand new for Fall 2013, is particularly close to our hearts because of the way it unites two classic American brands. You’re all familiar with New York-based Coach, one of the most enduring leather goods brands in American history, and if you’re not familiar with Alabama-based Billy Reid, we’d like to provide a formal introduction. Reid has been in the fashion game for a while, and he’s particularly highly regarded for his menswear, which bears markings of his southern heritage while still being modern and luxurious. Applying that sensibility to leather goods is an absolute no-brainer.

Reid’s capsule collection with Coach gives him the opportunity to do just that with a wider audience than he’d find for his own indie brand. The pieces, which range from $298 for a leather billfold to $20,000 (yes, that comma is in the right place) for an all-alligator tote, are a totally luxurious tour through the meeting of Reid’s sophisticated southernism and the modern urbanity that Coach tends to bring to its men’s leather goods. The combination works out exceptionally well – check out the best bags from the collection below and shop the full selection via Coach.

I’ve never thought of anything as a “commuter bag” before, but if you live in a place where much of your moving about is done by public transportation, you know one when you see one. No matter whether the bag will be carried by a man or woman, it needs to have plenty of space, multiple pockets, a full top closure and a strong, comfortable shoulder strap, at the very least. True to its name, the Coach Legacy Utility Flap Commuter Bag has all that and more. (more…)

Actress Rosario Dawson was recently spotted greeting fans and just being an all-around nice, normal, reasonable human being in downtown NYC. On her arm: a teensy black Coach Classic Shoulder Purse, which is a ridiculous steal at $198. (If that price doesn’t scream “IMPULSE BUY”, I don’t know what does.) It also comes with a pair of big, honking signature tassels, not seen here on Rosario’s bag. You can get this glove-tanned leather mini crossbody at Coach, natch.

What’s Rosario Dawson up to these days? Well, when she’s not looking adorable in fedoras and wingtips, this chick is acting non-stop. Rosario has a ton of projects on her plate this year, and she’ll soon reprise her role from the insanely popular graphic novel movie adaptation Sin City in the upcoming sequel. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For will hit theaters in 2014, a full 9 years after the original.

Sophia Bush has been on a bag roll lately – two weeks ago, we spotted her with an extremely covetable apple green Balenciaga City Bag, and here she is dashing around Beverly Hills with a Coach x KRINK Leather Weekend Tote. “KRINK”, FYI, is chosen moniker of street artist Craig Costello. Even on a leather Coach tote, his work seems slightly too gritty for Beverly Hills. You can grab Sophia’s exact bag for $798 at Coach.

Coach x KRINK is one of our favorite designer-artist collabs in recent memory – Amanda had a lot of great things to say about Coach x KRINK when this limited edition line of bags made its debut back in March. Coach has teamed up with several different artists over the last few seasons, including Hugo Guinness and James Nares. We’re quite anxious to see what the brand’s next artist collab yields.

The Internet’s been abuzz about the coveted, limited edition Coach Barbie Doll for a week now, and in that time, we had the pleasure of spending a day getting to know this in-demand doll around the city. We joined her for a day in New York City, from hailing a cab, to lounging in Central Park, to taking in the bright lights of Times Square.

What did we learn? The Coach Barbie is a fashion icon, from her red Coach Classic Duffle to her tailored Coach Tattersall Trench Coat. She’s everything you’d expect – the Coach girl come figuratively alive in miniaturized Barbie Doll form. Every detail is taken into account to make the combination of brands perfect, making this the first Barbie I’ve coveted in years. The Coach Barbie Doll makes a great collector’s item, but collectors already knew that – the doll is currently sold out and going for more than twice its original retail price of $95 on auction sites.

Didn’t get your hands on one? Fret not – you can still follow us on a tour of New York City to our favorite locations with our new favorite Barbie Doll! (more…)

When Coach announced that Reed Krakoff would be leaving the brand in order to to focus on his own brand by mid-2014, the company also mentioned something interesting – that they were looking to sell the Krakoff brand, perhaps to the man himself, perhaps to investors. In essence, Krakoff wouldn’t just be leaving Coach, the brand, but he’d also be leaving Coach, the company, entirely. Earlier this week, Women’s Wear Daily reported that the first element of that separation is complete.

Reed Krakoff, with the backing of a currently anonymous group of investors, has bought his label from Coach, Inc. There’s no word on the value of the transaction or if or how the sale of the brand will affect Krakoff’s potential departure date at Coach, which still remains vague, or when new creative director Stuart Vevers, late of Loewe, will start his new job. For a company as large and corporate as Coach, it strikes me as odd that the transition hasn’t been dealt with more swiftly. The entanglement of Krakoff’s brand certainly complicated things, so hopefully we can get this show on the road soon and see how Vevers affects the brand’s aesthetic.

It’ll be just as interesting, of course, to see how the separation from Coach affects Krakoff’s brand. One of the most immediate ways could be a change in manufacturing – despite their elevated price points, Krakoff’s bags are made in China, just like Coach’s. Similarly priced bags almost always boast a European manufacturing end point these days, even if many of the components passed through China at some point, and high-end customers expect the warm fuzzies of knowing that their bag was birthed on Italian soil. Now that Krakoff doesn’t have the Coach supply chain at his disposal, it would make sense to shift toward a manufacturing process that customers will perceive as more high-quality and luxurious.

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