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  • Cherryorchard

    So, rich people only carry a wallet, sunnies and car keys? Right. These are so lame and made up…check any sub for a more realistic look into people’s bags, these are nice pictures but they have nothing to do with the reality of what people carry…

    • Most people edit their bags when posting a photo of what’s in their bag.

      I’ll have my own “What’s In My Bag” coming soon to share with you all – in video form – and it will be legitimately what’s in my bag!!

      • Cherryorchard

        Thumbs up for this, editing bag contents too much takes all the fun out of it. Not being nosy or anything. :P

    • Mya

      Hey, why not calm down a tad. Its just a photo, obviously the people play around with what they “put” in their bag for the benefit of a nice unique photo. Its not that serious you know!

      • Cherryorchard

        You probably need to check your definition of “serious” or “calm” – I am not either hysterical or serious, just saying that these pics should be in the “What I own and look how pretty it is” thread, not in the WIMB. I ‘ve never seen any of my friends carry that little in any bag if not counting evening clutches. Not even in their Chanel/Hermés etc. Peace.

      • kirsten863

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      • Lea

        Very likely

  • FashionableLena

    I am not a fan of Louis Vuitton, but that picture is my favorite this week. With all of the LV SLGs, it looks neat and polished.

  • Mya

    Gosh, these photos are a sight to behold. Love them all!!

  • Denise Adair

    I would like to purchase a purse

  • FAN

    Obviously, they get their purses very “photographicaly” arranged …nice árticas, vary fashionables things….just a matter of looking good for the photos, its clear to me, they out their best things to take photos after that!

  • Patsy

    Someone really put their belt inside their bag and not on their waist? And the cardigan goes inside the bag too?

    • Jay

      While I definitely agree they’re probably arranged for the photo, I have to add there have been some occasions where my cardigan and belt have gone into my bag, because I ate too much and my belt is too tight, or it’s not cold but I know I will need the cardigan later… Stuff like that. It happens (to me at least).

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