PBWIMB March20

By the looks of this week’s #PBWIMB roundup, it seems plenty of you are already enjoying the sunshine and toting around your brightly colored bags, while others are still bearing the cold weather and hiding under layers of cashmere and wool. While we all love a good black bag, it was refreshing to finally see some color again! Between the yellow Goyard and the red Saint Laurent alone, we’re definitely looking forward to seeing what other colors you’ll all be breaking out this spring.

Take a look at our favorite picks of the week, and continue to tag your photos with #PBWIMB to show us what’s inside your bag. For more Instagram roundups, head over to TalkShoes for our favorite shoe-stagrams of the week!

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  • kimmy

    What color is the last prada!?

    • MountainsandLVoe

      The color of my Prada is Sabbia :-)


      • kimmy

        Can you still buy that color!!?

  • Winn

    Isn’t what’s in my bag supposed to be… what’s in your bag? Half of these are just pictures of what people thought would look cool next to their bags.

    • FashionableLena

      I have been thinking the same thing for the last couple of weeks. Surely, this woman is not putting her ankle boots and ankle strap shoes in her bag.
      With that being said, I could go for one of those Birkin coke cans.

  • tdot

    what is the designer of the top left hangbag!

    • aerna


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