While most of the time we tend to find collections with an array of different designers, that’s certainly not the case with this week’s Instagram celebrity. It’s safe to say that Instagrammer @leorangebliss has more Hermès than most people can ever dream of owning.

Very little is known about who @leorangebliss actually is, but her identity seems to hardly matter when you’re showing off such a colorful array of Hermès Birkins.

Take a look below to see some of our favorite snapshots from @leorangebliss’ Instagram feed, or head straight to her profile to see her full collection!

This week in #PBWIMB, you all gave us in an in-depth look inside your designer bags and showed us all your summer essentials. From shoes to sunglasses and all the beauty products in between, we loved seeing what you’re carrying this season. Take a look at our favorite snapshots of the week, and don’t miss out on the adorable pup we found in a Louis Vuitton Speedy.

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I always love perusing through Instagram and finding amazing collections to share with all of you, but this week, I may have had a little too much fun going through all of @fashionistaac’s pictures. If you aren’t already familiar with Camelia, better known as @fashionistaac, you’re in for a treat.

For starters, Camelia has a serious knack for designer bags (especially Hèrmes), so much so that even her young daughter appears to be carrying a Cèline Nano Luggage Tote in one of her photos. (Camelia, can we be your daughter, too?)

Her love for Hèrmes doesn’t just stop at handbags; she has a excessive collection of silk scarves and loads of enamel bracelets that can be seen throughout her Instagram. From what we’ve read, it seems she permanently resides in Belgium, but has a residence in Miami, which she frequents.

While we may not know exactly what it is that Camelia does for a living (it’s rumored she may have owned her own clothing line or store at one point), one thing is for certain: she has a great sense of style. Even Sophia Webster mentioned her in an interview, saying she loved seeing @fashionistaac’s pictures for her style and unexpected color choices.

Take a look at some of our favorite pictures from Camelia’s collection, or head straight to her Instagram page to see her full collection.

Summer’s officially in full swing, and the bags are looking brighter than ever. This week’s Instagram roundup is full of bold red, mint green and shades of pink. The best part? The color isn’t just on the outside – most of these bags have equally bright accessories hiding inside. Make the jump below to take a look at this week’s very colorful roundup.

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You’d think that after covering Instagram accessory celebrities for a little over a month now, I would be used to the idea of owning the same bag in eighteen different colors, but no. This week, I stumbled upon the Instagram of Hermes and Chanel addict @fashionlover178. (more…)

From Balenciaga to Celine and Chanel to Marc Jacobs, we saw a fun variety of designer bags in this week’s #PBWIMB. The most shocking thing about this week’s roundup? The amount of black and neutral bags we saw. But then again, we’re never mad at a black bag.

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There are a few Instagram handbag celebrities that have created their own recognizable aesthetic for taking pictures of their collections, and @orangekissed is most definitely one of our favorites. Just one scroll through her Instagram feed and you’ll be drooling over the beautiful array of rainbow colored Birkins and Valentino Rockstuds. While we may not know @orangekissed’s actual identity or much else about her, here’s what we do know: she lives in California (which could explain her love her sunglasses), it’s safe to assume her three favorite designers are Hermes, Chanel and Valentino, and she’s certainly not scared to add a little color to her outfits.

While @orangekissed is most well-known for her color-coordinated pictures and perfectly paired accessories, she’s also really engaged with her followers and commenters. Wondering what color her Hermes Kelly Bag is? Just ask her. She’s extremely helpful when it comes to identifying colors, she’s totally honest about the comfort of her shoes and she will almost always thank you for your praise.

Take a look at @orangekissed’s Instagram collection and scroll through her accessory heaven. The only complaint we have is that there aren’t more pictures – we could scroll through her closet all day!

We have a colorful array of designer handbags in this week’s #PBWIMB Instagram roundup. From a bright orange Celine Luggage Tote to a bold red Chanel Boy Bag, it appears everyone’s adding a little color to their summer wardrobes. Make the jump below to see our favorite snapshots of the week, and be sure to follow our Instagram and keep tagging your bags with #PBWIMB for your chance to be featured! (more…)

Unlike many Instagram handbag celebrities, Jamie Chua, a seemingly ageless Singapore socialite, has absolutely no problem revealing her identity while giving us a glimpse into her fabulous life. Throughout her Instagram, you’ll find plenty of pictures of her standing in front of expensive cars and eating fancy food in beautiful places, but it’s her pictures filled with Chanel, Fendi and LOADS of Hermes that we’re really drooling over. Jamie’s closet is stacked with more Hermes bags than an actual Hermes store – no joke. She owns some of the rarest bags we’ve seen anywhere, including the rare Hermes Doll bag, multiple croc Birkins and even some designer bags we’ve never even seen before.

While doing some research on Jamie Chua, we came across this video of an interview she did discussing her recent Instagram fame, in which she seems quite lovely and humble about her newfound notariety. In the interview, she explains that she started her Instagram as sort of a fashion diary, where followers could get ideas and inspiration. Little did she know, her photos would garner a ton of attention.

Make the jump to see some of our favorite pictures from @ec24m’s Instagram, or head over yourself to get lost in a sea of colorful Birkins.

This week’s roundup of #PBWIMB was filled, both literally and figuratively, with tons of goodies. From purses containing the most minimal essentials to others stuffed to the brim, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone. Take a look below to see our favorites for the week, and keep tagging your pictures with #PBWIMB for your chance to be featured.

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