On The Right Track || Megs with Ferragamo

Megs with Ferragamo. Stunning couple.

Buy the Salvatore Ferragamo Convertible Satchel via Saks for $1890.

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  • mette

    SF does have some interesting bags. Wish I could see a close photo of this one.

  • gpc

    Stunning photo! Megs, I have been thinking about this bag since the first time I saw it, in photos only. How do you like it?

  • Sarah

    I love this bag, but I have yet to see it carried in a way that would make me think of buying it, until this picture. I think I will get this now.

  • @mette We are doing a full review of the bag in the coming days. Close-ups included.

  • mette

    Thank you Vlad for your quick reply. I´ll be waiting for the bag review. As you might remember, your lovely Megs and me share the same lust over the SF alligator bag…

  • Mohnblume

    Great shot Vlad!

  • This bag is gorgeous, but they have a python clutch that I like better!

    Mette, I still have an incredible soft spot for the other Ferragamo bag… did you get it?!

  • Jane

    Love the photo. Can’t wait for the bag review.

  • Rene

    I want one! So pretty and a great picture.

  • mette

    Megs : No, I have not ! I´m a bit ashamed to admit that I have a gorgeous lila croc YSL DT , which I got from Berlin. I too still have a longing for the SF one-it would be so different. I might have missed the python clutch. What is it like ? :) Mette

  • We will post the python clutch in a few days :)

    That bag sounds stunning!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mette

    Thank you Megs and Vlad. You two are the best !!!

  • JRS

    I LOVE THIS! I can’t wait for more…SERIOUSLY!!!

  • stella

    the bag is looking gorgeous!! I can’t wait to see closeup shots and the review. Keep it up, Megs and Vlad! The photo is absolutely stunning!

  • QueenMAB

    Wonderfully framed shot Vlad! And great use of color too, not to mention that both of your subjects are stunning. FAB BAG, it just looks luscious.

  • Sarah

    Megs, have you seen the python satchel that Neiman’s is showing? It is green and absolutely gorgeous.

  • Fo

    stunning photo indeed.

  • hazel

    Ohh great photo!

  • Julie

    Love the bag and the photo is stunning. Looking forward to reading the reviews.

  • Arm Candy Lady!

    WOW Megs…you are killing it in this photo!! This photo of you looks soooo editorial, GRREEAATT photo…HOTTT bag & legs!!!


  • Shawna

    Nice combo of the dark jeans with the light bag!

  • Carolyn

    a classic and chic bag. i don’t do white though, i am too messy

  • Julia

    I can’t wait for the review. I wanted to know more about it too after lookin at the photo! I’d be so stressed out with a white bag. Looks great with you Megs I agree great couple!

  • Samia


  • Jane H.

    Oooh… SOOO editorial!!! Awesome photo..

  • aznkat25

    I love the colors in this photo! The bag just POPS! Fantastic shot Vlad! Excellent framing.

  • pursemama

    I am really intrigued by this bag, I love the way it slouches. I’m going to have to take a look at it in person tommorrow. Fabulous modeling Megs!

  • Elle

    This photo makes the bag pop which I really like. I like how the ring on the front is more subtle on the white bag than on the black version of this bag. Very pretty office bag.

  • mation

    This bag is really beautiful and I like the photo 2…

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