Orangekissed Instagram Celebrity

There are a few Instagram handbag celebrities that have created their own recognizable aesthetic for taking pictures of their collections, and @orangekissed is most definitely one of our favorites. Just one scroll through her Instagram feed and you’ll be drooling over the beautiful array of rainbow colored Birkins and Valentino Rockstuds. While we may not know @orangekissed’s actual identity or much else about her, here’s what we do know: she lives in California (which could explain her love her sunglasses), it’s safe to assume her three favorite designers are Hermes, Chanel and Valentino, and she’s certainly not scared to add a little color to her outfits.

While @orangekissed is most well-known for her color-coordinated pictures and perfectly paired accessories, she’s also really engaged with her followers and commenters. Wondering what color her Hermes Kelly Bag is? Just ask her. She’s extremely helpful when it comes to identifying colors, she’s totally honest about the comfort of her shoes and she will almost always thank you for your praise.

Take a look at @orangekissed’s Instagram collection and scroll through her accessory heaven. The only complaint we have is that there aren’t more pictures – we could scroll through her closet all day!

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  • kindled

    That set of blue/indigo bags. Do want.

  • Mya Wilkes

    I need her boy bags in my life!!!!

  • Ashlee

    That collection of handbags is insane! Probably over $100,000 worth of stuff right there!

  • JJ

    I don’t know, I must be getting old or something. I love bags & shoes and I love looking at pics of them, but when I see this many Hermes and Chanel, and millions of $$ in accessories, I get put off. It no longer looks like someone’s hobby or indulgence, its too “in your face”. I would love to have a large collection (and could if I wanted – I did at one time) but who needs that many different bags? Not to mention multiples of the same bag in different colors (or variations of color). I mean does anyone really need three yellow Hermes in various shade of yellow? And just because you can afford 20-30 Hermes bags doesn’t mean that’s all you have to buy. There are so many wonderful handbag designers out there. I spent so many years focused on one designer and missed out on a lot (and now that designer is all but washed up!). No on needs that many Birkins or Boy bags. Its overkill, IMO. Sorry.

    • Hierophilic

      Agreed. It honestly makes me feel sort of nauseous.

      • KiraListonacu

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    • Kagem

      I think it’s just different tastes. It’s not up to you to decide how many bags orangekissed can have and likewise there might be tastes that you are super passionate about that people could think that you need to chill out on.

      I don’t think anyone can say that someone can’t have what they want. If you earn it yourself without stealing it or you aren’t getting it from a man, who cares.

    • snowbabe

      i believe they are all fake, but very good replicas from southern China. you sure sound like you have never been to the large scale replica factories in China.. they look precisely like that.. hundreds of birkins– all piled up … i accidentally visited once, hence familiar with the scene.

  • Kerri

    I don’t understand why you would want the same color Birkin and Kelly?!?! Especially when its not a “trend” color. For the sole purpose of putting pics of them on the internet?

    • Kerri

      I meant when it IS a trend color. A black or brown Kelly and Birkin I could understand but I dunno…this just seems gratuitous.

      • Mya Wilkes

        But did she tell you personally, that she acquired them in the same colour SOLELY to put it on the internet? That’s an absolute absurd presumption to make, don’t you think? Especially as you don’t know her from space. Learn to accept that people may just be different.

  • Kagem

    Surprised at the jealous comments on here. I love her collection. Her rockstuds are everything.

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