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Having beautiful accessories will get you well on your way to having a great Instagram collection, but taking great pictures to showcase those beautiful accessories is just as important. This week, we’ve chosen one of our favorite Instagram collections: that of Michelle Wan, better known as @mwanwan. Not only does @mwanwan have more Chanel and Hermès bags than we could possibly count, but she manages to stage her pictures perfectly for an absolutely gorgeous result.

Mwanwan is a style blogger from Hong Kong who has a serious love for designer handbag and shoes. (Our kind of girl). Apart from the pictures of her accessories, you’ll find plenty of pictures of how she styles her bags and jewelry with different outfits, which is something we, as followers, love to see.

We selected some of our absolute favorites (it was really difficult not to pick them all) from Wan’s account, so take a look below and see for yourself. To see more of her feed, head straight to @mwanwan’s Instagram or her style blog, Mwanwan by Michelle.

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  • Mya Wilkes

    Love her collection, very nicely varied! The white classic flap is gorgeous.

  • Taki

    Love her collection, hate her style.

    • Averil

      I feel the same! She has a nice collection of bags and shoes (which are all TDF), but the only “outfit” I liked was the white blazer and Chanel pearl pin.

  • Gia


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