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  • FashionableLena

    Not only are her bags amazing, I am loving her clothes. That Peter Pilotto dress is lovely. I am not a shoe person, but I could go for the pair that she’s wearing with that pink Birkin. Mostly, I like that she is has a varied bag collection as opposed to just rocking one design house.

  • Louis

    She is really world class???????????? and in my opinion the best I have ever seen.
    Her styling is breathtaking and refreshing and her combinations of top and low end brands are impeccable.
    Thanks for sharing her account.

  • marytrasnick

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  • Gina

    No child should have a bag that expensive nor look that disaffected at her age. Ridiculous.

    • michelleobetts

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  • She has impeccable, beautiful, classy, classic, fabulous style. If I was anymore jealous of her I would spontaneously combust! As it is now I am so green with envy. But I’m not a hater. I want to emulate her, not hate (on) her.

  • jennifertdahlen

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  • Nora

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