During the ongoing World Cup, we at PurseBlog all feel just a little (ok, a lot) South African in spirit. The Gucci Joy fits the theme well with its Safari-like feel.

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  • Mallory Jeanne

    I want this bag so bad. Its so adorable. Shouldve gotten it!

  • 19yearslater

    Perfect match for South African soccer, and I stand by my love for this bag.

  • Lianne

    I want that bag!

  • michelle_71

    funny, why did you guys remove all the negative comments about the bag?

    • We don’t remove any comments other than spam or entirely out-of-line posts.

      There are tons of people that don’t like this bag (as seen in the link above to the original post). We didn’t remove any here :)

  • mikoism

    i love this bag!

  • Staci

    That Gucci Joy is so cute! I wish I had gotten it when I had the chance.

  • Tiffany

    I am not a fan of this one..

  • Nancy

    At first, I didn’t quite like it. Then I saw this lady carrying it & now I want 1 myself. LOL…super cute in person.

  • nobody

    it still looks like a diaper bag!

  • Jane H.

    Is it my eyes, or is this photo kinda soft?

    • Photo is soft – the only area in focus is the top left of the bag (I guess Vlad did that on purpose).

    • It was shot at f/1.4 – so it has a very shallow depth of field.

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