Concrete Jungle

A leopard amidst the concrete landscape.

Lambertson Truex Online.

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  • Jane H.


  • dela

    Please don’t take this the wrong way. Bag art pictures are truly amazing and the lighting is perfect in this one. I would love to see you to involve something other than Megs’ limbs for change. Maybe, her beautiful blue eyes, curve of the back or shoulders.

  • PC

    Very sexy bag!

  • Dela, we don’t take that the wrong way! We love suggestions. We were not looking to include my face in the shots, but we can. We are still playing around with it all!

  • Fobobina

    Another fabulous photo! I love the contrast of the background and the bag. Keep these are shots coming, they make my day!

  • janis

    Love it! Great shoes, too!!!

  • dela, we appreciate your input. For the next series, I’ll certainly be shooting different angles!

  • mette

    The picture is great ! Once again the bag stands out well.

  • Rach

    Beautiful setup to make the bag’s colors really pop!

  • Pippi

    Love it!

  • hazel

    I love it! And the title of the post…clever! =P

  • Cates

    nice shot!

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