Just yesterday I wrote a post on Purse Blog Savvy about a handbag by Antik Batik Eryx Pouch which I found to be rather gaudy. Although some readers disagreed with my thoughts about the bag, I am still sticking to what I said, I’m not fond of that handbag at all. However, today, I found a bag that based on yesterday’s review you might think I would hate. In all reality, I really like the Sonia Rykiel Dita Shoulder Bag. Doesn’t it seem to have a bit of a rocker-chick vibe going on? Obviously, you would only be able to wear this bag with a fairly simple outfit, but I don’t see that being a problem. Think about it, a pair of dark pant, a black shirt, killer pumps and this bag; what a knockout combination! The black calfskin suede studded multi-colored crystal embroidered shoulder bag is accented with chain-detail handles. If you need a little more room, the bag has snap closures at the sides which widen the bag while a magnetic top fastening keeps everything where it belongs – in the bag. Now, to get this rocker-chick look there is a bit of a drawback… the price. I guess it is no surprise that a handbag adorned with crystals will come at a hefty price; buy through Net-a-Porter for $3,915.

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  • Anilu Magloire

    Sonia has always been a litlte too out there for me. This is just wrong.

  • Anilu Magloire

    Sonia has always been a little too out there for me. This is just wrong.

  • Kate

    Even though it kinda reminds me of a glam rock sea urchin, I could definitely see this as the finishing touch to an all-black ensemble.

  • cal

    heavily studded bags were big…in 2004 i think

  • Willa

    It doesn’t look like Dita Von Teese would be caught wearing it.

  • notyurmama

    You think the Antik Batik Eryx Pouch is gaudy and this isn’t? I think you’ve got it backwards. Or, maybe you’re unduly infulenced by the price.

  • Otter

    Rocker chick vibe? No, Grandma in Miami for the winter and bought a bag in glitter bag to wear to the early bird dinner – yes.

  • Merve

    my eyes hurt looking at this thing

  • loop

    I was just at Sonia Rykiel in Paris and saw this bag. Typically, I like simple, classic bags, but this was stunning in person.

  • Christine

    I actually have this bag in the metallic croc look. I love it. It also fits well on the shoulders with and without a coat. The only problem I have with it, the chain popped from the base connected to the bag itself. The leather should have been thicker to support chain. I only wore it three times. 01/25/2009

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