As the great Nina Garcia once said on Project Runway, the fastest way to look cheap is to wear something short, tight, and shiny. I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea – a confluence of characteristics can sometimes say exactly the wrong thing in a way that no one design flaw could say it by itself. That’s what appears to be going on with the Jimmy Choo Rosie Bag. First, the patent. Then the animal print. Then the color that no mammal has ever been accused of being. Then the overly trendy shape. One or two of these things, by themselves, may have been excusable.

Jimmy Choo Rosie Leopard Print Bag

It may still have been a cute bag. But when you combine all of these aspects together, they manage to simultaneously overwhelm and underwhelm me, if you get what I’m sayin’. I generally like things that verge a little bit into tacky territory, but this particular bag does cartwheels into it. And ultimately, it’s nothing if not mighty unfortunate. Buy through Saks for $895.

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