Arche handbagI do appreciate bags that sets certain moods, bags that have outstanding features and catch other people’s attention. I do believe that the Arche Irish is a candidate for just that job. As plain as it may seem, it is the simplistic design and the loose, buttoned straps that add appeal. It gives a soothing vibe, perfect for the hectical and stressful urban lifestyle. The flat north/south hobo is made of pure soft lamb skin, while its halves are held together by a magnetic snap closure. An inside back zip pocket, a cell pocket and a key ring loop take care of stowing away the dailies. Two wooden buttons adjust the strap length, enabling you to carry it cross-body. The ‘Irish’ can be your daily companion for $445. The dimensions: 11 1/2″ wide x 2″ deep x 15″ length.

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  • anna

    i think that that bag is hideous and i am irish! It is a nasty layout design and nasty color. well i wouldnt pay over $.50(fifty cents) for that bag!

  • you r on your own there, i think that is the most amazing bag ever, it’s worth every dime
    ps i’m irish too, and you just can’t accept that irlend makes the cutest purses ever!!!!!!
    peace out

  • billyjoe

    irish billyjoe people

  • Sarah

    This purse is so ugly that it looks like a shirt that my grandma wore about 50 years ago at her bachelorette party! And she was the ugliest person there!!!!!!!!

  • billyjoe

    tsk tsk tsk…..
    wow, people dont respect their grandparents at all do they?

  • lori d

    UGH! I think it is GORGEOUS! After seasons and seasons of bling and luxe and glold and baubles and jewels and snakeskin and fur I am DYING for simplicity and understated lines in design again! This stands out and looks fresh to me.

  • sarah 2

    This is a terrible photo of this bag. It’s made in France of full-grain deerskin, not Ireland and lambskin, respectively. It’s large and soft and drapes against the body, even when full. Women have crossed avenues to ask me where I got it. My 22-year-old niece wants one and so does my mom. Worth it.

  • Naggy

    I might be interested in wearing that to work. (ipad)

  • KY

    Hmm don’t know what to think about this bag. (ipad)

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