Joie Avery Crisscross Nubuck City Sandal

Sale season is a glorious time of year, there’s no doubt about that. Great prices on some of the industry’s most covetable brands–what’s not to love, right? Well, we’re currently in the second stage of markdowns, and while the prices are fantastic, size and color selections can be a bit precarious.


You can spot Christian Louboutin‘s red lacquered soles anywhere, but differentiating between the brand’s various classic pumps is a bit more challenging. For a footwear-focused brand like Louboutin, attention to the slightest changes in toe box, pitch (the angle at which a high heel rises) and heel is what it takes to differentiate the most popular styles and decide which is right for you.

Stuart Weitzman TieGirlBingo Suede Sandals

The first official day of summer is just a few days away, and with summer comes a tsunami of parties and events that fill our calendars. A lot of factors go into finding the perfect sandal to wear to all your summer festivities, and we have a breakdown on which shoes to wear, based on the event.


Memorial Day is past, and summer is here in every way except the official one. (Gotta wait for that summer solstice to roll around.) And if you don’t plan to live in Birkenstocks through late August like I do, you might be in need of a little summer footwear inspiration.

Valentino  Blue Stone & Rockstud Cage Heels

If you were too busy enjoying the unseasonably warm weather this past weekend and didn’t get a chance to check out the awesome Memorial Day sales, there’s no need to fret. The long weekend has come and gone, but the awesome sales are still going strong.


Watch out, Monsieur Louboutin. Giuseppe Zanottis were all over celebrity feet at Cannes this year, and certain styles are experiencing a crazy surge in popularity, even among women who did not get to make all-expense-paid trips to France recently.


Here are things I have learned about this year’s Cannes Film Festival solely by reading internet headlines: People can’t avoid questions about Woody Allen. Kristen Stewart’s movie got booed, but also got a standing ovation. Blake Lively made a booty-centric comment that has people mildly enraged.

Christian Louboutin  Victorina Flame 100mm Red Sole Pump

After more than two decades at the helm of his own company, there’s no such thing as a “comfort zone” for Christian Louboutin. When it comes to Louboutins, no detail is overlooked and every new collection is a chance for the brand to venture into new territory; for Pre-Fall 2016, it did just that.


Honestly, Sarah Jessica Parker‘s enthusiasm for her own line of shoes makes me like her shoes a lot more. Celebs are frequently quick to lend their name to some fashion line for the right amount of cachiche, and while the brands who foot the bill are glad to have you think those celebs were deeply involved in every aspect of the design process, there’s seldom evidence that they were on-hand to give feedback for more than 45 minutes total.


The weather this week has been anything but ideal for the season, and putting on my clunky rain boots every day has made me yearn for warm summer sun. Mother Nature may be stopping us from showing off our bright pedicures at the moment, but we can still dream of summer and everything that goes along with it–she can’t that away from us.


It’s reasonably likely that you have your mother to thank for your current shoe addiction. An interest in fashion is often passed generationally, from mother to daughter, teaching you to do everything from tie your first sneakers to how to score that awesome shoe deal you’ll be bragging about for months.


Once a year, I like to treat myself to one big luxury item and what better time to splurge on myself than when celebrating my quarter-century milestone this past Monday? One year, I bought the Gucci Soho Shoulder Bag, another year I bought my first pair of Christian Louboutin So Kate Pumps and last year, you all helped me decide between the Saint Laurent Monogram Satchel and the Chanel Wallet on Chain bag.

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