If you’re one of those girls (or guys) who stares quite jealously and longingly at every person who passes who seems to have a perfectly worn leather messenger then, you’re in luck. This Tumi Albuquerque East/West Messenger Bag will completely one-up that mythical messenger you’re lusting after.

It’s simultaneously sleek and minimalist while appearing classic, which is quite a difficult balance to strike. Consider: the leather is nicely pebbled, and with Tumi’s history of unbelievable quality, it’s safe to say that this messenger will carry bunches and age particularly well. And they’ve added in a modern twist: rather than using the more traditional brassy buckle for the messenger’s closures, there’s a simple button-press that renders the whole concept futuristic. Well, considering how little the messenger has changed over time, it’s practically lightyears away.

It’s true; Tumi‘s line of women’s handbags and leathers has not done so well, but judging from this bag and the rest of the little collection it’s a part of, we can come to expect great things from Tumi that don’t have wheels or an expandable main compartment. Buy through Nordstrom for $345.

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