So, preemptively: yes, this is not a handbag! And yes, this is a handbag blog. But handbag girls like accessories in general, right? I know that I do. And variety is the spice of life, right? Of course! So why not just shake things up a little bit for a second, and talk about something that is decidedly accessory-like, but not in a handbag way.

Translation: it’s Monday and none of my usual websites put up anything at all interesting or fun over the weekend for me to write about, and I can’t squeeze blood from a stone. You all have days like that at your jobs, I’m sure. But in mine, it means I get to talk about the lovely Triple 7 Global Bow Feather Headband.

Triple 7 Global Bow Feather Headband

And lovely is the precise word for it. I’m a big supporter of this trend, despite the fact that it may have partly originated from the awful Kenley on last year’s season of Project Runway, and I like it more, the more I see it.

I chose this particular headband because the color is beautiful; so many are made in black, which can look far too austere against many hair colors when it’s present in the abundance that is often found in this style. A jewel-toned purple, accented with black, is the perfect antidote. I could see this being perfect on nearly any shade of brown, blonde, or red, and it would probably even fit in pretty well on those with black hair. I may be partial to it since I have green eyes and purple near my face tends to bring them out, but for the fairly reasonable price, I might just click “buy.” Buy through Luna Boston for $28.

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  • justa9url

    I love headbands! =) That’s a cute one, would work for a night out!

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