I love surprises. I really do. I love planning surprises and having surprises planned for me. The element of surprise always results in a reaction (good or bad). Today my friends, I was totally hit with an element of surprise when I came across this bag. There is no way that I would have ever guessed it was a Tory Burch handbag. Would you have?

Tory Burch Studded Satchel

Well, the Tory Burch Studded Satchel is a welcomed surprise. This black leather satchel is adorned with front and back gold pyramid stud detailing. I love the double rolled handles and while I personally wouldn’t use the detachable shoulder strap, it is an option. It makes me a happy handbag aficionado when I see designers give something new a try. So, Tory, if you are listening, keep up the good work – you are branching out wonderfully! Buy through ShopBop for $595.

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  • Dacs

    This is wonderful! I wonder if she will be applying this new design aesthetic to her shoes as well.

  • bagolicious

    Although I wouldn’t buy it, I thought it was quite beautiful. I saw it at Saks , Beverly Hills, yesterday and the quality is top notch.

  • Fariha

    I feel like the gold hardware is a bit much….

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