Tory Burch Efram HoboOne of my favorite things in the world is when a brand that I’ve hated on in the past starts to make a bit of a turnaround. I’ve seen a couple of decently cute new Tory Burch bags pop up on shopping sites lately, and I had been cautiously hopeful, but I wasn’t sure if I should say anything until I saw the Tory Burch Efram Hobo.

This bag made me sit up and pay attention as soon as I laid eyes upon it, and I could barely believe that it was one of Ms. Burch’s bags. It’s lines are so clean, it’s color so wonderful, and it’s branding so understated that I wondered for a moment if the website had mislabeled it. But they hadn’t – the very cool-looking rows of tonally colored enamel tiles running down the sides of the bag bare the brand’s logo, but in a way that is subtle and tasteful. I never thought I’d describe one of her bags as subtle OR tasteful, and this beautiful, functional hobo embodies both of those qualities. And the price ain’t bad either – Buy through Nordstrom for $550.

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  • greenpixie

    What a cool bag! I totally agree about the subtle branding on this – very well done, and such a great color.

  • Amanda

    This is a gorgeous bag and such a great summer color!

  • Fariha

    I love the colour and the shape – perfect example of a functional and stylish bag.

  • Whitney

    Hi, yeah I agree with you. I just bought this Tory Burch Efram Hobo – my first TB purchase ever! And I love it! It feel it makes all my outfits look amazing

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