In case you hadn’t realized, Valentine’s Day is apparently approaching. And if you hadn’t realized, then obviously you haven’t been to a Cracker Barrel recently, because that little store they have out front is just teeming with V-Day stuff. Yes, I occasionally eat at Cracker Barrel. I’m not ashamed.

If you’re the sort that gets all excited about Valentine’s Day, then the Sondra Roberts Box Clutch may be the perfect thing to add to your date night outfit. If you’re the sort that gets all in a snit over it, then this clutch is precisely what you need to avoid for the next month.

Or maybe, if you hate Valentine’s Day, you just get the somber black version instead of this twee pink thing that we’ve got here. Either way, my gripe with it is that in order for it to maintain its rosy shape, you’d have to use that tiny chain that most clutches have, and I hate that chain. In my little world-o-fashion, evening bags should always be hand-carried, and if you did that here, you’d just have a wrinkled mess of satin in your hand by the end of the night. Buy through Nordstrom for $98.

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    That is actually really cute- what a great find. The price isn’t bad wither!

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