It’s easy to get distracted by the splashy, cotton-candy designs of some Dooney & Bourke bags. They’re the ones you see being carried by 14-year-olds in the mall, obvious branding covering every inch in various hyper-girly arrangements. My disdain for those types of bags can probably be easily sensed from my description of them, but I can understand why they’re popular.

And certainly, if the strong sales of those bags enables the brand to continue to make things like the Dooney & Bourke Florentine Vachetta Letter Carrier, I’m all for it. Obviously I don’t know which type of bag makes the brand more money, but I definitely wish that this part of their line got more attention.

This little bag has a perfectly vintage feel and enough room for all of your daily essentials without being big enough to look like you might actually be delivering mail. I would normally wrinkle my nose at a webbed strap instead of a leather one, but it works with the overall feel of this design – it’s utilitarian chic instead of just pretty for the sake of being pretty, and the contrasting strap is exactly as it should be. Buy through Zappos for $235.

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  • greenpixie

    This is a great, well-made little bag. I actually just bought it in red! I agree about the strap – it usually turns me off, but it totally works with this bag – nice and soft to the touch, too.

  • Chris

    I really like it ! Very very nice !

  • Loquita

    Great review, Amanda; I couldn’t agree more. I have seen some very nice leather D&B bags lately, too – and this is a great little cross-body (webbed strap and all, it works!)

  • 19yearslater

    Yeah, the strap would normally be a no-go but it does work here. Very nice D+B bag.

  • E.C.

    You know I think you keep hating on Dooney because as you often say you remember “the girls” at your school wearing them and how ugly and pink they were, I think in all honesty you were just jealous you did not have one or could not get one, I personally love all Dooney leather bags and yes there are some styles I do not enjoy, but I don’t down grade the brand every chance I get just because I was envious of a chic click I was not invited too in school, let it go and let live D&B is a great brand!!!

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