I’ve been toying with the idea of buying into this whole tiny-bag-long-strap trend, and the more time that goes by, the more convinced I become that it may be an idea worth exploring. Every time I see someone out and about with one, it strikes me how easy to carry and useful they seem to be. They’re small enough to be used for a night of bar hopping, but they’re also completely hands-free, meaning you wouldn’t have to constantly worry about where you put your bag.

Rebecca Minkoff Rocker Bag

With cross-body bags, I also worry about the weird boob-squishing effect that they can have, but these bags are so small that you probably couldn’t weigh it down enough to mangle your chest situation. So the idea interests me, and my favorite option recently is the Rebecca Minkoff Rocker Bag. Everyone knows I like industrial details in my black bags, and the evenly-spaced distressed gold rivets are a great touch. Buy through ShopBop for $330.

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