When it comes to clutches, I usually go the traditional route. I like your typical clutch with your typical features. I don’t really tend to like clutches with shoulder strap options. I guess I just like using a clutch the way I think it should be used. However, this Rebecca Minkoff Clutch is one with a shoulder strap option I might actually use! The wrinkled metallic leather clutch has a detachable chain strap that isn’t just functional but is also super chic. Now, I am a fan of blue – I love blue tops and blue handbags always seem to add a little “pop” to any ensemble. This clutch is no exception. Clearly, this shade of blue isn’t just any old blue – it is metallic and it is gorgeous. I think the great thing about the shoulder strap option is that it does give you the chance to use the handbag as a day time shoulder bag but take the strap off and you have an awesome clutch for a night out on the town. Rebecca Minkoff wows me again with this handbag. Buy through Shop Bop for $330.

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  • MsTina

    I need this! The color is amazing!

  • Kate W.

    another great way to wear this bag is with the chain strapped doubled so that the handle is shorter..I saw a girl on the street with this look and its so cute…you can wear this bag 3 ways!

  • TygerKitty

    This is blue? I thought it was purple? lol oops

  • Does anyone have this bag? Ive been looking everywhere for it for over a yr now. checking ebay 3xs a day for 365 days has made me insane… help! plz!

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