Ok ladies, let’s have a little heart to heart. Football season is just around the corner. Does this make you cringe or jump for joy?

I for one love football season. I feel like it is a great excuse for us ladies to act a little rowdy. I mean, I don’t need an excuse to get rowdy, but you better believe I’ll take it!

Rebecca Minkoff Benjamins Wallet

So, when it comes to football season, I for one try to sport my college colors whenever possible (scarlet and grey). Now, there are loads to choose from, but when you do a bit of looking, you are bound to find something perfect. And speaking of perfect, how about this Rebecca Minkoff Benjamins Wallet? I love it!

While the wallet isn’t scarlet and grey it is a gorgeous shade of red that I’d love to carry in my hand. The iguana-embossed leather wallet has a bling-bling logo plate and zip pocket. As you open up the wallet, you’ll find 5 card slots and a key hook. If you are heading to the stadium, the bar or a friends house to catch the big game, this wallet would be a perfect option! Buy through Shopbop for $135.

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  • 19yearslater

    I do like this wallet, but from this picture it looks pink, not red.

  • Serynn

    Not big on the (patchy?) design, though the color is awesome.

  • Rufina

    Did someone spill coffee all over it?

  • I love the color changes!


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