Alright, it is official, I am on a stocking stuffer kick right now. Now, top that off with the Coach bag Anna just covered and I think my eye is fixated on small, sort of flashy handbags and accessories. So, with these two things in mind you might be able to see why I had to stop and take note when I came across the Perlina Snake Embossed Mini Bag. Obviously, the key word with this handbag is mini. In fact, I almost thought it was a wristlet when I first saw it.

Perlina Snake Embossed Mini Bag
No matter which way you might carry this small bag, you are going to have something uber cute in your hand. I am loving this bag right now. It is small, compact, cute and boasts just a bit of flash. With this bag you can get the python look without the python price. Certainly you wouldn’t use this when you need to tote a bunch of stuff with you, but for a quick errand or a night out, this could quickly become a go-to. At first I thought I liked the emerald bag, but quickly realized I would be perfectly happy with the black or magenta bag too. And hey, at this price, you really could get all three. Buy through Nordstrom for $48.

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  • Karin bag4bag

    I like the magenta and emerald colors. The black looks a little too shiny for me. If it is black and paton shiny, I like to oversize it. Love the wrist strap, you won’t lose it running for a taxi.

  • poodle

    i looooooooooove perlina!!!! i have the gorgeous lavender snake embossed hobo and the material that they use for it is fabulous!!! its sooooooo soft and wonderful! yaaay for perlina! affordable and sooooooo cute!

  • Jane

    I like the magenta

  • Kimberley

    Hmmmm I could the emerald Perlina for $48 or the amazing new release of PROENZA SCHOULER lux wallets on their website for a paltry $165.

    …actually my Amex just took a healthy hit with four different colors!!! Please alert peeps PB, these are selling fast!!

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