If you haven’t been able to get your paws on a Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag (or tote, or clutch), you’re not alone. Demand has far outpaced supply for the young New York-based brand, but with a new season nigh, new shipments are expected at retailers in late February. Those shipments will include the bags that are already sought-after, like the red-lined Bucket Bag, but the duo behind Mansur Gavriel also has some new interior tricks up their sleeves for spring.

True to the brand’s minimalist, neutral debut, Bucket Bags and Totes still come in three exterior colors: black, cammello (light tan) and brandy (dark tan). Inside is where things get interesting: spring boasts several new interior colors, including several gorgeous blues, and metallics. Fashionista has an incredibly comprehensive guide on which stores will be getting which colors and how you can pre-order or get your name on a waiting list, and for more close-up photos and a color guide to the new season, check out the gallery below.

I love buffalo plaid. It’s almost always red and black, which is my favorite color combination, and I’m already a pretty big appreciator of plaid, both on my person and on the persons of male-type people. Considering that, my affection for the Jack Spade Dipped Buffalo Check Utility Tote isn’t exactly shocking. If you or your man is sick of staid, neutral man bags but still want a classic look, this tote is a perfect option.

Plaid enjoys periods of particular favor (like the one we’re having right now), but it never falls all the way out of style, even in down years. It’s sort of like leopard print, in that way; a thing that is so familiar, so endemic to the fabric of fashion and style, that it almost becomes a color unto itself. It’s also a cold-weather staple, so even though spring styles are starting to arrive in stores, you’ll still have plenty of actual time left in winter to carry this well-priced tote. Buy through East Dane for $275.

In case you thought that perhaps the MICHAEL Michael Kors Selma Tote juggernaut could be stopped, we are here this morning to prove you wrong. The bag, which continues to fly off the shelf in its most sought-after colors, is making a reappearance for the impending warm weather in a host of half-canvas, half-leather iterations that lighten up the bag’s weight as well as its already reasonable price tag. If you’re preppy, on a budget and looking for a new spring bag, you’re going to want to check this out.

The bag, trimmed in white leather, will come in the medium, large and crossbody sizes that Selma lovers are already familiar with. Inset within the leather trim is contrasting canvas, which is currently available in black, turquoise or bright pink. The canvas puts all these bags in the sub-$300 price range, but the bag retains its fresh feel, even if it sacrifices a bit of the original’s minimalism.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Selma Tote
$298 via Nordstrom

MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Selma Tote

MICHAEL Michael Kors Selma Crossbody Bag
$198 via Nordstrom

MICHAEL Michael Kors Selma Crossbody Bag

MICHAEL Michael Kors Selma Medium Tote
$258 via Nordstrom

MICHAEL Michael Kors Medium Selma Tote


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The advent of the Coach Borough Bag has left us (and a lot of other bag lovers) curious to see what will come next in the massive American brand’s handbag evolution. Today, we have one of the first answers to that question: the Coach Bleecker Mini Pocket Carryall, which costs less than $300, features zero permanent exterior branding and comes in a whopping seven colors, from basic black to acid green (with a couple gorgeous pastels in between). We’re into it.

This bag is the mini version of a new, larger everyday bag from Coach called the Bleecker Riley Carryall, but this little version, with its crossbody strap and petite price tag, is the one that really caught our eyes. Spring and summer are a perfect time for little bags (who wants to lug a giant tote in warm weather?), and this bag will surely grace a lot of bare shoulders come tank top season. Like the Borough, the bag’s leather texture is the main design feature, with the Mini Pocket Carryall featuring both smooth and large-grain pebbled leather in contrasting structural panels. The resulting bag has a neatness to it that has often been lacking in Coach’s efforts in recent years, and the feeling is modern without being unfeminine. In short, the Mini Pocket Carryall is very much in keeping with the plan that the Borough Bag set last season.

You can pick up this bag for $258 via Coach in all the lovely colors in the gallery below.

I mainlined two and a half seasons of Scandal over my extended Christmas break (more on that when the third season returns in February), and as anyone who watches the show can imagine, I’ve had pale handbags on the brain. Olivia Pope is a tote girl (woman, really) through and through, but I prefer a shoulder bag. Specifically, I prefer the Rachael Ruddick Le Trop Shoulder Bag, which is thoroughly modern but will set you back less than $400.

Like most people, white bags make me extremely nervous. (Not everyone is as careful with their red wine as Ms. Pope, after all.) That’s why a reasonably priced alternative makes so much sense – even if you only make it through a single season before it’s totally trashed, at least you didn’t spend premiere-designer money on it. With its black edging and white hardware, this version from Australian-born designer Rachael Ruddick is sophisticated enough for use at work, but the petite size and long shoulder strap mean that it could work in more casual atmospheres as well. Not that Olivia Pope has ever been known to throw on jeans and a tank top, of course. Buy through ShopBop for $370.

Let’s say, hypothetically, that you’re sick of the well-known Cambridge Satchel bags. They have an extremely accessible price point and started out with a little bit of fashion cred, so it’s perhaps not surprising that they became so omnipresent that I’d be fine if I never saw one on another wannabe street style star again. The premise of the bag is great, though, which is why the Cambridge Satchel Company Music Satchel is a welcome sight. (more…)

We’ve looked at budget-friendly gift ideas under $500 and under $250, and now we’re down the budget-friendliest of them all: gifts under $100. Whether your wallet is feeling a little tight this season or you simply have too many friends and loved ones to lavish something extravagant on all of them, these gifts pack a lot of value into their relatively small price tags. And this time, we’ve gone beyond just fashion gifts – there’s actually something called a Chocolate Bar Library available, and who doesn’t want that?

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