Nordstrom Convertible Fringe HoboI’m normally not much for “house brands” when it comes to fashion – I like companies with a design perspective and an evolution from season to season. With a brand manufactured by a department store, you lose a bit of identity and history, which is part of the fun of the whole purse thing (if we’re being honest with ourselves). However, occasionally a house brand will come up with something that’s a great deal, which is the case with the Nordstrom Convertible Fringe Hobo.

It’s hard to tell how long a trend like fringe will be around or how much money you should put in to trying to stay current. A bag like this presents the perfect option: since no clear It-Bag winner has emerged in the fringe category, it’s perfectly acceptable to find a less-expensive alternative that you like in order to invest limited cash in a trend that may disappear overnight. What’s even better is that this handbag is so cute and functional. It can be used as both a hobo and a messenger, and it has a brilliant convertible handle instead of having two handles of differing lengths. The leather looks smooth and perfectly serviceable and the fringe isn’t too overpowering. For the price, it seems like a pretty decent deal. Buy through Nordstrom for $148.

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