MICHAEL Michael Kors Beverly Python Embossed Clutch

What is it that we have here? I’ve come found a python-embossed clutch that makes me shake my head, in disappointment. Embossing, when done right is the perfect way to get an exotic-ish clutch without the hefty price tag. However, I think the design team at MICHAEL Michael Kors has missed the mark.

For starters, the color combo on the MICHAEL Michael Kors Beverly Python-Embossed Leather Clutch is just ok. I am sure there are plenty of other colors that would be much better, resulting in perhaps the chance that I would actually like this clutch. The two front flaps are rather interesting. I don’t see clutches with two front flaps very often, do you? This is definitely a nice touch, but unfortunately not sure it is enough to make me want to buy it. Am I missing something or do you agree? At least the price is reasonable, buy through Bloomingdale’s for $198.

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  • Jane

    Maybe if the metal on the edges were a different color than the bag it would make more of a statement. Monochromatic bags can be beautiful but there needs to be more of a tonal range for it to be dynamic.

  • mimi

    i have this !!

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