Meredith Wendell Leather Shoulder Bag, $895 via Net-a-Porter

No matter how much I may personally extol the virtues of wearing brights as neutrals, and no matter how much the fashion industry seems to be a fan of the idea at the moment as well, black still outnumbers any other single color in my accessories wardrobe. And I’m not the only one: No matter which store managers or designers I ask, black is almost always their single best-selling color. When a black bag is good, it’s transcendent, and at the moment, the Meredith Wendell Leather Shoulder Bag seems like a design I could carry any day of my life.

For me, the turquoise details on the handle attachments totally complete the bag in a visual sense, and modernist details like that are a staple of the Meredith Wendell line. But besides that, it’s just a great, functional bag in the most universal color in the entire accessories universe. It has straps for both arm and shoulder carry, a shape that makes all your stuff easily accessible and a size big enough to carry everything that most women need for a day’s work. Plus, the price won’t absolutely kill you. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $895.

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  • jennesia

    Kinda looks like the Givenchy Nightingale?

  • Rasheedah

    Not to take away from your post, but the description on NAP actually says it’s midnight blue leather. Either way, it is a gorgeous bag. This might just be the “one” for me this fall.

  • Vicky

    It’s been a long time that I never find any black bag interesting. This one is beautiful. :)

  • lulugurl2006

    I love this bag…..

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