Matt & Nat is another handbag company that has come a long way. When I was first introduced to Matt & Nat bags I have to say, the jury was out. Sure, there were elements of the bags that I liked, but they also seemed a bit boring to me. Ladies and gents, that is no longer the case.

Recent bags from this design team have really impressed me. The Matt & Nat Yacht Studded Bag is rather fabulous, don’t you think?

The instant I saw this bag I thought about how much I want to make it mine. It is extremely edgy and it has a lot going on, but there are definitely times out there that I want that in a handbag. This faux leather handbag has tons of studs, moleskin panels and a magnetic closure at the front of the bag. But that’s not all. There is a detachable short shoulder strap and a detachable chain strap. Options, I love all the options! And for those of you who have ever found yourself at a dinner party with nothing to talk about, with this bag you can bring up the fact that the lining is made out of recycled plastic bottles. I mean, that’s bound to stir things up a bit. I completely embrace this bag and look forward to more just as fantastic! Buy through Shopbop for $215.

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  • LaToya

    I like this bag. I love the studs very springy.

  • Elizabeth

    Studs, zippers and a chain all on one bag. Too much for me. I will pass on this one.

  • Nikia

    I love it! It’s so funky!

  • Jane

    Wonderful bag. I love the pure white leather and the edgy studs, zippers, and black peepthru moleskin. I can see wearing this bag with so many clothes options. Shorts, simple shirt, and boyfriend blazer, sundress, cutoff jeans (yes, I still love them) and maybe Rebeca Minkoff shirt. Great find.

  • Leslie

    Wow, I think I just found the only Matt and Nat bag I like. I agree that their previous designs were a bit boring. I love the zippers and the studs.

  • jackie

    i love this bag!

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