Sigh, here is a bag I can’t decide if I like or not. Today is one of those days in which I could just make up my mind. While other days I don’t mind being on the fence, I just want to have make a decisive decision. There are aspects about this bag that I love and others that have left me confused.

Marciano Faux Snakeskin Suede and Croc Trim Handled Tote

I do like the smooshy, loose structured look of the Marciano Faux Snakeskin Suede & Croc Trim Handheld Tote. I also am a fan of the snakeskin-printed faux suede and faux-croc trim. Hey, let’s be honest, not all of us can afford to drop thousands of dollars on an exotic tote so I am all up for options. I like the way the gold-tone hardware jumps out a bit against the mauve color of the bag itself.

But here is my issue: the double handles. I don’t know if the shape is good with the bag. Seeing as though this bag is so loosey goosey I would like to see something just a bit more structured when it comes to the handles. Do you agree? I can appreciate the removable shoulder strap since I think it gives a great second option. Plus, at this price point, I might be able to overlook the double handles. Tell me, is this a hit or a miss in your book? Buy through Nordstrom for $235.

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  • inga

    I think the negatives can be overlooked at that price point.

  • Rufina

    First I thought that it was faux snakeskin, ok, I thought it is just leather or suede printes with snake pattern. And then I went to the website-is this designer crazy or what? This is not even real leather.
    Both “suede” and “croc” are synthetic leather!!! Huh????
    you want me to pay how much for synthetic leather? $235???
    I can buy beautiful soft and smooshy Tano bag for this kind of money. Leather, sometimes even Italian leather.
    This is a rip off of a bag

  • inga

    Eeeeeewww, it’s fake!! Ummm, no. I take my praise back. Thanks Rufina for the info!

  • Julie

    TOO BUSY – the pattern, shape, big handles, the metal label etc etc. My eyes ache.


    I fell in love with this one. hmmmm cant wait to have it

  • katherine

    I agree with the ladies when they say – why should I pay for a “fake” leather bag?

  • Discount Jeans

    I really want that tod’s purse

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